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Feb 22, 2008 10:13 PM

Corn Tortillas: White Vs. Yellow

When in Mexico (it has been many years) I recall eating mainly yellow corn tortillas. When I asked about this one answer was, " We eat the cheaper corn, the white corn is sent to the US." After recently revisiting the white vs. yellow tortilla debate, I did some cursory research without finding any definitive answers. I found that yellow corn is imported to Mexico from US, that yellow corn is used mainly as feed, that there are definite opinions on which tortilla tastes better. I prefer the taste of white, but appreciate the hardiness of yellow..
Would like more info/opinions! Thanks!

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  1. Don't have any info really but I think the white is good for delicate tasting foods like mexican pork and yellow is better for hardy tastes with salsas and strong flavors.

    1. I lived in Veracruz for 5 years and my wife is Mexican from a small pueblo in a very rural area. And there and in Xalapa, people almost exclusively eat tortillas made from white corn. Although some ladies peddle tortillas from blue corn, but never yellow corn. I would surmise that previous to the Spanish, various types of corn where used. However, I doubt yellow corn was eaten before corn breeding programs occurred but, I'm not certain. In Baja California I had wheat tortillas (which was the result of Portifiio Diaz's trying to convert the Mexican's to a wheat diet,) and of course in the US there are flour tortillas. However, Northern Mexico is less traditional and eat Burritos and the like which are not traditionally Mexican. Anyway, if you want to eat traditional Mexican food go with the white or blue corn for your tortillas, along with black beans (Veracruz style), and chile peppers. David

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        I just found blue corn tortillas this weekend, and made tacos with them. Really good!

      2. im guessing either way is ok,

        the difference i notice here in Puerto Rico, is that white totilla i grilled, and its softer...

        yello corn tortilla is often deep fried, it gets hard...

        i prefer soft...

        1. Yes texture wise to me the white are softer and more tender. I do love them for enchiladas, the absorb quite a bit of liquid. I use the white corn masa for tamales too, just always lighter and soooo good. I fry the yellow for tacos or tinga.