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Feb 22, 2008 09:59 PM

Nobu Malibu or Go's Mart?

I'm looking for a new sushi place that will blow my mind. I like sashimi and traditional sushi as well as a roll or two. I'm not too into fusion sushi. I like super fresh yummy good-quality fish.

I'm thinking of going to Nobu Malibu or Go's Mart for a special occasion pig out. Where would you go?

I'm also open to other suggestions that are relatively close to Woodland Hills.

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  1. I haven't been to Go Mart, but I love Nobu. However, you mention that you aren't too into fusion sushi. While Nobu is what I would call an OMG sushi experience, what makes Nobu so good (in my opinion) is the fusion food. It's fresh and delish, fantastic sashimi, but the cooked dishes, salads and specials are out of this world. The straight foward sushi I found good, but not as good as everything else. It's not what I would choose to eat at Nobu.

    Still, I've had some of my best meals at Nobu in Malibu so I would whole heartedly recommend it.

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      I would agree with this. Compared to all of the other wonderful dishes at Nobu, the sushi is sort of an afterthought for me. It's decent, but I would never go there just to eat it.

      The salad with lobster and citrus dressing is an other worldy experience. We've had the best results there by not ordering off the menu and instead asking our server to just bring us an array of hot and cold dishes that they think are not to be missed. We've gotten some special dishes that aren't on the menu this way. It's expensive as you don't always know what you are getting, but we've never been disappointed.

    2. Haven't been to either, but I know Go's Mart does not have decor or environment if thats what you're looking for. Strip mall joints make me feel like I discovered something hidden ;). I have heard Go's has some amazing sushi though.

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        Go's Mart is amazing, ironically, Go used to own the restaurant that is now Nobu Malibu.

      2. Special occasion sushi pig out close to Woodland Hills = no brainer = Sushi Iki in Tarzana. Good atmosphere, excellent traditional sushi, good rolls too. Excellent live items, which will drive up the cost, but you can have a wonderful meal without the live items too. Not sure if Iki is new to you, I know some of the other regular Valley posters are fans but can't recall if you've posted on Iki or not.

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        1. re: Debbie W

          Yeah, I have Iki. It's good, but we were not overly impressed. I generally visit Shibuya and Little Brother's, but am looking for something different.

        2. Relatively close, in Studio City, is Asanebo. Super traditional, super quality fresh fish and stuff oyu won't see elsewhere.

          It always blows my mind. Expensive pig out, but worth it. Heck, if you were willing to go to Nobu. I also have had my mind less blown but definitely winded at Sushi 4 on 6 in Encino.

          1. I ended up going to Go's Mart. It was delicious and "different." It's definitely not your traditional sushi. Go almost makes it an art form and customizes each piece with truffle oil, sea salt, gold flakes, etc. He also had a huge variety of fresh fish (live scallop, live sweet shrimp that was still moving, threadfish, kampachi, a bunch of other fish I have never seen before, rock shrimp with claws). The sashimi salad was so-so, but the rest of the meal was very delicious and different from traditional sushi places like Shibuya or Sushi Gen.

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              How much did you end up paying? NExt weekend we are going on a sushi outing, and I've never been to Go's!

              1. re: Diana

                Go early. We went at 6:00 p.m. on Friday and got a good bar seat right in front of him. At about 6:15 p.m., the place started getting crowded. It only seats around 20 people total for the entire restaurant, and the bar only seats 8.

                We had a sashimi salad, giant clam sashimi, a bunch of sushi (japanese scallop, toro, spanish mackeral, live shrimp, salmon, 3 pieces of white fish made by Go, probably something I don't remember), blue crab hand roll, miso soup. The damage was around $140 pre tax and tip. We don't drink.