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Feb 22, 2008 09:16 PM

Sai Curry Las Vegas

I haven't eaten there yet, but hope to very soon. I was in the neighborhood recently and stopped in to check out the menu and the buffet. Buffet didn't look all that special, but the menu is promising: several of my favorite chaat items including bhel puri and pav bhaji, as well as dosas and other South Indian favorites. And its inexpensive to say the least.

I then headed over to the India food store in the same strip mall (apparently they share ownership). It is a definite keeper. There is a good assortment of bulk food items such as rice, gram flour, dals, etc. Also lots of pickles and spices, pappadums, bread items, frozen and canned foods, etc. Just about anything you might want for Indian cooking is there. Its worth wandering around; items are not shelved in a totally logical manner :-)

Sai Curry and India Market are both in a small strip mall just south of Tropicana on Maryland Parkway, near the University. Has anyone eaten at the restaurant recently? Thoughts??

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  1. Janet, you've stumbled upon brilliance. I posted about Sai Curry a long time ago and no one paid attention at all! It's one of my very favorite lunch spots (along with Mariana's). love, Poly

    1. I'll give you one more: Axum Ethiopian on Twain and Swenson (across from Merkato - which I don't think is nearly as good). Why Axum doesn't have a line around the block is beyond me?! The place is always empty - I suspect it has a lot do with the restaurant ambiance and the perceived lack of safety in that area (even though, it is literally walking distance to the Wynn!). But it's superb - now that Dallol is gone, Axum is my favorite Ethiopian spot though Lali Bela has a great beet stew.

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        OMG, that is like literally a block or two from my "second office" where I work on a lot of Mondays. In fact, I remember seeing it and wondering if it was any good......I'll definitely check it out for lunch!