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Private Room downtown

hey Chers,

i am well aware of the choices for uptown restos with private rooms, but need one downtown. ideally, on college from yonge to christie, but willing to go as far south as king, north as bloor, and east as sherbourne. looking for a nice vibe, affordable food, private room that can host 15-25. thanks in advance!

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  1. not been there so can't vouch for the vibe or quality of food but I know Cafe Diplomatico (College & Bathurst) has a private room that seats up to 25 (photo on website)

    Cafe Diplomatico
    594 College St, Toronto, ON M6G 1B3, CA

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      I ate there once and the food...in fact, the whole experience...was remarkably bad. I was hoping for quaint, simple, homestyle italians. i ordered the chicken parm and it was as if it came in a tray from price chopper. truly terrible.

    2. Boulevard Cafe's second floor is often used for private events.

      Boulevard Cafe
      161 Harbord St, Toronto, ON M5S1H1, CA

      1. You'll have to make decision about affordable food (and the quality), but here's a list of restos with private rooms:
        Biff's Bistro on Front; Chiado on College, Coco Lezzone on College, Lobby on Bloor, One Up Resto (on Dundas, used to be Sai Woo for anyone old enuf to recall), Rosewater Supper Club (several rooms), Southern Accent in Mirvish Village; ORO on Elm, Thirty Five Elm (cleverly enough, at 35 Elm); Donatello's on Elm (not really a chow locale, but servicable for size and vibe).

        That should get you started...

        1. thanks goddess and everyone! phew! i'm glad there's a good selection!

          1. Bardi's has a private room upstairs if you're looking for good steak. Had a wonderful experience there. Great food, amazing service. And it's really nice up there, next to a glass enclosed wine cellar.

            1. If you're considering the Annex, Central (where the old Red Guitar used to be, just behind Honest Ed's) has an upstairs room. Menu is budget friendly, but have not personally tried.

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                Bistro 990 has an upstairs room that can easily handle 25 people, in fact it may be too big but worth calling them for details.

              2. I am having an event at Bravi (on Wellington) for 25 people in their private wine cellar. It's not till next week (fingers crossed!) but the wine cellar is a really great space. It's cosy and with candles, even romantic! Even with 25 people, it will have great ambience. They will also do a great four-course wine-tasting menu for about $115 per person before taxes and grat. Oro has a good private dining room too although I'm not huge on their chairs (picky me) but they do have a great menu and the room is nice. One restuarant you may wish to try that is absolutely fantabulous (seriously) and does such an amazing job with these events is Vertical. It is located in the path (First Canadian Place) so you would never expect it to be as incredible as it is, but believe me, it is amazing. We recently had a large event there and the next night, our president returned with his wife. Good luck!

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                  The people at Vertical are terrific, but I don't know that I'd consider them affordable. (Sadly, they are not affordable for me!) I think Oro has similar prices, but I'm not sure.

                  100 King St W, Toronto, ON M5X, CA

                  Oro Restaurant
                  45 Elm St., Toronto, ON M5G 1H1, CA

                  40 Wellington St E, Toronto, ON M5E1C7, CA

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                    Vertical is great. I had a dinner in the private room in Oro recently and, while the room was nice, I didn't think the food was as great as it should have been for the price. For a more affordable place, you may want to check out Le Select. I've never eaten there, so can't comment on the food (though I think it generally gets good reviews on CH) but the prices are decent and the private rooms look nice.

                    1. re: torontofoodiegirl

                      Food is good at Le Select, and yes, they have two rooms at the back (that can be rented as one or two separate, with curtain between), but I have to say I would not consider Le Select any more or less affordable than Oro or Vertical. Fantastic wine cellar, one of the best in the city, but LL, you would have ot decide on the pricing. They have a website, menus available online.

                      Le Select
                      432 Wellington St W, Toronto, ON M5V1E3, CA

                      1. re: The Goddess

                        my friends are sadly in the cafe dip price range...

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                          What about Asian Legend? I was waiting for you to mention your price point. It's a nice room that can be opened up for 25 people. I know that the downtown spot has this option, not sure about the up town locations. I went there just last month and ordered enough food for the group even with the minimum charge of $115 per table.

                        2. re: The Goddess

                          At Le Select, the 3 course fixed price menus for groups of 15 or more start at $39:


                          More than the Diplomatico, but less than Oro (where group menus start at $58, and the regular mains are in the $30-40 range (not to mention the cost of apps and desert)).

                    2. Hi there,

                      I just hosted a dinner last night at Bravi's private dining room/wine cellar for 25 people. (Corporate) It was wonderful. We did a three-course wine tasting and both the food and service were superb. It's a great space for 15 or 25! I think it is very affordable too. A set 3-course meal (with lots of great choices) plus our cocktails, plus the wines for the wine tasting (and then some) with gratuity came to $3300. It was well worth it. We didn't want to leave. I would recommend Bravi's private wine cellar for any occasion. I just love it and I received amazing feedback from my guests.

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                        I seem to recall that when people upstairs in the restaurant need to go to the bathroom they come tramping down to the "private" room in the wine cellar. Is that the case?

                      2. I had my wedding rehearsal dinner at Bistro 990. They can set the room up a number of different ways. We had about 50 people but wouldn't feel too big for 25. The food was great and they were very accomodating.