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Feb 22, 2008 08:36 PM

Solo Diner at Alinea

My friend unfortunately will no longer be able to meet me in Chicago. I've been excited to dine at Alinea for about a month. So how odd or welcoming will the restaurant be if I dined alone. I'm not afraid to dine by myself, however, I am usually sitting at the bar or communal table.

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  1. You should feel quite comfortable alone at Alinea. While I've not done it myself, I've seen others do it. In fact I've considered going alone, which I find preferable to dining with someone who isn't focused on the food. Who wants to talk about football when you've got Grant's food in front of you?!

    I'm sure the Alinea staff is quite accustomed to having foodie solo diners.

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      Thanks!! That's all I needed to hear.