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Feb 22, 2008 07:37 PM

Foie Gras

Two questions...
1 - how long should a shrinkwrapped fresh whole foie gras happily keep in a good cold fridge?
2 - if you found your fresh whole foie gras developed a few specks of mold, would you cut it off (with a wide berth), or chuck the whole thing?

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  1. I'd never waste it. i bought a whole piece in Nov. and did not get around to cooking it last weekend (it had been frozen). It was cryo-vacced by Rougie in France. I popped it in my freezer and with Christmas travel and all I just waited for the right weekend, defrosted in the fridge, and everyone enjoyed it quickly seared with a spring green salad sauteed pears and a dressing made of pumpkin seed oil and Minus 8 vinegar

    1. I *think* I recall the people at Hudson Valley telling me theirs should keep about a week - but double check with them, or whoever produced yours, on this to be sure - I have never come close to testing the limit.

      I have heard of some people freezing this, but being so fatty it would freeze poorly and ruin the texture, I don't do it.

      I would not eat moldy (fresh) meat products.

      1. I think the mold you are referring to are bile spots. Just trim them off.

        1. If in fact it is mold.....I wouldn't eat it. This is worth a call to a place that sells fresh foie gras but personally, I don't hold it for even a week. And, I wouldn't freeze it.

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          1. re: Deborah

            Freezing mine for 2+ months did no noticeable harm and I would not hesitate to do it again. My specialty butcher sells frozen slices, I am just lucky enough to buy it at cost + shipping. Almost all foie recipes mention removing green bile spots when cleaning and preparing foie. They are just something that just happens and need to be removed with the veins that run through it too.

            1. re: Candy

              No, it's definitely mold. It looks as though the shrinkwrapping failed, as there was some airspace. I'd left it in the fridge for a couple of days, and when I went to slice it, there were some small flecks of mold, as well as a fingerprint-sized patch. Looks to be superficial, which is why I'm asking about cutting it off. I know if you get mold on the outside of a firm cheese, you can cut it off with a nice wide berth and be fine. I wondered whether one could do the same with a foie gras. I chucked it into the freezer to initiate stasis while I find my results. I'd hate to lose a whole one - they ain't cheap - but I'd also hate to poison anyone.