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Feb 22, 2008 06:38 PM

The Golden Ox (KC)

I and my wife were born and raised in KC. I worked at the Livestock Natl. Bank in the 50's and haunted The Golden Ox with my uncle who was the head cashier of the bank. I moved to Michigan in the 60's and learned that the original Ox had been closed down (the Genesee location) but now has been reopened. Is this correct and has anyone had any experiences? Is it as wonderful as I remembered? We're comming back in a month and would love to bring my uncle back (he's 88) if it's still like the old Ox.

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  1. I do believe it's on Genesee if that helps you at all. I know there was a discussion about steakhouses and The Golden Ox came up - let me see if I can dig that up.

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      So the discussion I was referring to you were actually a part of...nevermind me digging it up! I hope someone here can help you with their recent experience at the Ox - sounds like a great dinner for your uncle no matter what.