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Feb 22, 2008 06:24 PM

Best Ethnic Counter Service/ Snacks in NYC

Here's the deal-- I am a Connecticut resident who enjoys bringing friends into the city to experience neighborhoods and tastes they normally wouldn't get to. I'm bringing a group of about 8 in for the day armed with subway passes and appetites, and we want to have small, quick tastes in as many unique places as we can get to in 12 hours. Places like Arthur Avenue market, any of the many counter service places in Jackson Heights, Mandoo in Flushing or Manhattan, Manna's buffet in Harlem.... stuff like that. (BTW it's a Saturday afternoon, so Kosher may be closed.) Any suggestions would be welcome!

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  1. You have to hit up the countless street carts in Jackson Heights, then go over to Flushing and do exactly the same in the underground mall food courts. Those two combined will be astounding. Highlights at the food courts can be seen in a search for J&L Mall, Chengdu Heaven, the amazing Muslim lamb hand pulled noodle place, etc. Jackson Heights stuff can be found in countless posts on the carts including the EXTENSIVE googlemap of JH street fare. Just do searches.

    Enjoy! Review!

    You could also do roti shops and jerk places in Bed Stuy and Flatbush. Countless good ones which are literally counters.