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Feb 22, 2008 05:41 PM

King's Fish House

I am invited to dinner at King's Fish House for a "work related" evening. Anyone care to review---dressy or casual? How is the food??

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  1. Casual. Food fairly good, actually, though it is part of a 'group' - I used to go often to the Orange location and the oysters were fresh. I think of it as a summer early dinner sort of place and have only spent time in the patio dining area so I suspect it might be noisey inside this time of year.

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      1. re: OCEllen

        Thank you. We are going to the Orange location before a concert. I went to the website and it does look pretty casual. I have to admit that I have never had oysters and will probably not be ordering them since I will be dining with two people that I have never met. But I have always wanted to try them so maybe if they order some I will give it a shot. Do you chew or swallow?

        1. re: nolanani

          Chew! How else can one taste them? Try an appetizer order of fried if raw might not appeal, share with the table.
          Most things there have seemed to be fresh if not absolutely stellar.

      2. I thought the food is decent, not great, but certainly better than other seafood chains like Red Lobster, Joe's Crabshack, etc.

        Try the kumamoto oysters if they have it. It's a bit milder and less briny if you are not used to the taste. Although most folks cover their oysters up with tons of cocktail sauce (sacrilege for me).

        1. I went to the one in Calabasas twice, and it was fine. Obviously part of a chain, but the food was fresh. I like raw oysters,and they were good, and the price was more reasonable than some places. They had a realy nice shrimp cocktail with large, fresh shrimp. The servers were nice, too. I'd stick to simple things, but over all its good, in a kind of corporate suburban setting.

          1. The grilled artichoke they serve as appetizer is absolutely addictive.

            1. Casual, decent seafood. I like the fact that hey have sushi which you can order by the piece or as a platter.

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              1. re: ChinoWayne

                Thanks to everyone for your input. I will let you know how it goes. I am actually hoping someone orders the oysters.

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                  Place was packed but service was great. Macadamia crusted halibut with orange ginger sauce was delish as were the mashed potatoes and veg. Make sure you make reservations!

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                    Absolutley, YES! The macadamia crusted halibut with orange ginger sauce is excellent.

                    Just make sure to ask if they're serving it using fillets or steaks. They usually make it using halibut fillets, but the last time I was there I was served a halibut steak. The waiter explained that the steaks are what they use when they can't get the fillets from their supplier. Unlike the fillet, the halibut steak was very oily and fishy tasting, and totally usuited to the macadamia crust.