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Jan 28, 2002 05:48 PM

Italian and Breakfast

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2 thoughts:

1) Do you guys all know Cafe Capri on Hyperion in Los Feliz?? I've had three dinners there, each better than the one before. Is this a known, well-appreciated place or have I "discovered" it for the world?? Excellent "oso bucco" - incredible paste, salads and for an Italian restaurant, great deserts.

2) I live on Westside and several times have read about some little coffee-shop/bakery in Century City area, famous for its breakfasts. I've meant to write the name and address down, but I haven't and now am desperate to find it. Anyone know?? I think it's on a little street off Santa Monica Blvd. in Century City.

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  1. 1) Capri -- I keep wanting to like this place. It's charming, friendly, family-run, and in my neighborhood. Also BYOB -- a plus. But alas I've tried the milanese, various pastas, and never enjoyed any of it. Guess next time I'll try the oso bucco....

    2) Clementine -- I believe that's the name of the (very good) Century City bakery you ask about. Mentioned below in previous posts...

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      Okay, where's Clementine?? Anyone know?

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        Michael Robertson Moore

        Century City, just off Little SM, next to Johnnie's NY Pizza, on Ensley(?), about three blocks west of Ave of the Stars.

        Just please don't go there between 1 and 2 on's getting mighty crowded.