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Breakfast in the shore area?

We have been going to the Starving Artist in Ocean Grove for years now and they do a really good job overall and not to mention that the food server Tom is probally one of the best in the business. However, looking to branch out and find a few more favorites - WHAT WOULD YOU SUGGEST? Thanks...

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  1. When I want breakfast or lunch n Ocean Grove Nagle's is the place for me. A shore tradition, also for breakfast and lunch, is Frank's in Asbury.

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      Nagel's is great,. wonderful sausage links and best hash browns around.,

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        I tried going to Nagel's this morning after reading loads of great reviews. Sadly they are closed on tuesdays, just my luck. Oh well there is always tomorrow. Cheers!

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        Franks is Great!!! Make me feel like I am really at a local Jersey Diner. Anyone tried Sunset Diner???

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          Where exactly is Franks located in AP?

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            On the East side of Main Street, number 1406, a few blocks from the North end of town

      3. I enjoy Franks in AP but even better is The Sunset Diner it is technically in Wanammasa but it is the little boat house right on Sunset Ave on the Lake. Great french toast, and the Chilli & Cheddar omlette is to die for. Second fav is the crab, avocado & smoked gouda omlette. The place is a great find!

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          Thanks stack. Never heard of the Sunset Diner. Its close by so I will try it soon.

        2. We're at the Americana Diner every Sat and Sun for breakfast. I've tried pancakes and french toast at most places around Eatontown and it seems we always end up at the Americana. I do like the breakfast at The Turning Point, however, it's not cheap.

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            Went to the American Diner last Saturday and had the french toast - it was delicious. Will be going back again soon. By the way their manager Clifford is tops. I knew him in his past life as a great shore area bartender...

          2. I always enjoy the In Between Cafe in Red Bank.

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              What kind of food is the in between cafe? pancakes/french toast? what's the price point/atmosphere? thanks!

            2. Has anyone tried Edie's Luncheonette on Rumson Rd in Little Silver? I see it on my way to Sickles Market.

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                Edie's is a great great old fashioned place. I have the 2 egg omelette - get whatever you want in it - and take half home for lunch. Potential bonus - once or twice a year, Springsteen drops by.

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                  Edie's has always been excellent but finding a seat can be a problem. The place is tiny.

                  I also really like :
                  Rise & Shine Luncheonette on Rt. 35 in Eatontown
                  North Beach Grill on Atlantic Ave, in Long Branch
                  My Kitchen Witch in Monmouth Beach
                  Riverfront Cafe in Sea Bright

                  I understand Prairie in Monmouth Beach does an excellent breakfast also

                2. Please be aware that there is Sunset Diner and Sunset Landing. Sunset Landing is in a cabin on Deal Lake. Sunset Diner is further west on Sunset Ave. nearer to Rte.35

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                      Yes your right I was talking about the Sunset Landing.....thank you! And truthfully I've never noticed the extra charges....

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                        I missed the above correction. I tried the Sunset Diner this weekend with my boys. It was one of the poorer Diner experiences I've ever had - overcooked eggs and yellow tinted pancakes. I'll try Sunset Landing next time.

                  1. If youre ever down a little further south during the summer, the crabs claw in lavallette does a great outdoor breakfast. not too many people know, but the eggs benny is great and the yukon gold homefries are delicious. plus you can get a cocktail...

                    1. We frequently go to the Turning Point aka The Breakfast Store according to my 4 year old in Manalapan, there is also a location in Long Branch. My personal favorite is the pesto infusion which is mostly egg whites with Pest, Portobello mushrooms, avocados and tomatoes or the bananas' foster waffle.

                      Love their bacon too, applewood smoked, really good. My wife swears by their chai tea latte

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                        I second the Turning Point in Pier Village. Much roomier and nicer (cleaner?) than the original in Little Silver. Great fresh, upscale even organic choices (no taylor ham and egg sandwiches here). Great, friendly service and fair prices as well.

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                          I go to the Turning Point in Pier Village. I love the lemon-blueberry pancakes.

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                            nothing wrong with an organic taylor ham non??

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                              Taylor Ham MUST be TAYLOR ham.


                              Everything else is just pork roll.

                        2. For a great Mexican breakfast, try the Bradley Cafe, right on Main Street near the fire house. Their huevos rancheros are great.

                          1. If your in Belford, try Sissy's Place, next to Belford Bistro. Very Homey. The Belford Bistro has a great Sunday Brunch.

                            1. Chat and Nibble in Asbury Park looked closed this weekend - does anyone know if it has gone under? I know it changed owners last year.....

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                                CORRECTION- I drove past Chat & Nibble on Saturday and it WAS open. Sorry if I caused any confusion

                              2. I have lived in Point Pleasant Beach for over 5 years now and just recently tried this place, it's great but sort of hidden. Called "Home cooked food" or something similar in a small strip mall off 35 south next to the school uniform store and across from A&P liquor warehouse. If you find it try "The Omelett" yummy! closed on mondays.

                                1. I just recently discovered Patty K's in Ocean Grove. It's a small dive but the food was outstanding, in my opinion. We've been there half a dozen times now and only once was it less-than-stellar. Nothing fancy, but just really yummy breakfast food. I usually get an omelette with toast and homefries with apple juice and coffee. My bf does the same or similar. Last time, they also included a mini-muffin w/ the platter and it was carrot/raisin which is not something I would typically go for but I tried it and it was amazing! I've been trying to replicate the recipe @ home, to no avail... so I keep going back! :)

                                  I would also recommend:

                                  Amy's on Ocean Avenue in Long Branch (cinnamon almond french toast is the best, plus literally HUNDREDS of omelettes to choose from)

                                  Flaky Tart (of course!) in Atlantic Highlands for bakery and pastry type items mostly although she does usually also have at least one kind of fritatta available

                                  Steve's in Sea Bright -- a local dive that has been there for years but has an extremely loyal customer base and mmmm breakfast rocks

                                  Theo's in Ocean Grove -- this isn't outstanding but when you pair it with the insane view and the fact that it's literally on the beach, it makes up for it and you leave very satisfied. Affordable too. They can manage pancakes and coffee. Don't order anything intricate.

                                  Turning Point and News Cafe in Pier Village (Long Branch) -- I agree w/ what was said here about the prices being high.. they are, but it's a clean and bright place w/ excellent food. I really love the Mexican Skillet, and the granola/mixed fruit bowl is so so good (I order mine without yogurt) and I'm always craving it. Be prepared to wait for a table but you just might find a new place to add to your favorites. I find this particular location to be superior to the other Turning Point locations. Joint side-by-side to the News Cafe-- this is also a cute little walkup counter where you can order salads, paninis, wraps, soups, coffee drinks, etc if you're in more of a hurry or just want a quick bite while you peruse their many many newspapers and magazine racks on hand. Smart, friendly, and helpful college aged kids run the counter and aside from the crowds it's always been a pleasant experience.

                                  good luck!

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                                    Theo's in Ocean Grove shut down in the middle of last summer.

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                                      ahhh.. been a while since i've been there then! oh well. any word on what's moving in? it's a great spot.

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                                      If you breakfst in Ocean Grove - THE place is the Starving Artist, by far the best run, best food and best service in the area...

                                    3. There is a sign on the former Theo's (and there was a blurb in the Coaster, too) that says it will be reopening soon under another name and, I assume, other owners.

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                                        The name on the sign is 'Dorian's' There was activity there this weekend, but it isn't open yet