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Brasserie questions please..

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Hi.. Do you make reservations at a Brasserie? I see some are more popular than others..

I am looking for ambience (I have the brasserie book and I do restaurant design.. I am frothing at the mouth!!) so I am looking for a great feel as well as good food.

what are your suggestions?

I see Bofinger mentioned..
Au Pied de Cochon.. not the same one in Montreal is it?
Chez Jenny
Le Cafe de la Paix..the picture is stunning!
Brasserie Flo
They are all so beautiful!!! I just want to sit and have dinner!! well with wine of course!

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  1. Definitely for Bofinger, Cafe de la Paix, and Au Pied de Cochon. But, politeness is key to French hospitality - reserve wherever possible.

    1. I made the mistake once (relying on a friend's advice) of not reserving at Bofinger for a Saturday. We showed up there at about 9 pm and they did not have a table available until 11.

      1. Au Pied de Cochon is definitely not the same as the one in Montreal Each has its own charm and tasty food, however. The Parisian one is known for its Onion soup, among others... and for being open 24/7

        1. From your list, Le Cafe de la Paix is the best for food, elegant ambience and also the most expensive. Of the Flo/Blanc group of brasseries, Le Procope, Chez Jenny and Au Pied de Cochon have the worst food. I frequent Bofinger because it is near the Opera Bastille and there is a good buzz after a performance. La Coupoule's food is nothing special but the decor is stunning; also the size of the place and the mix of people makes it a fun place. I like Brasserie Flo because the food is decent and is tuck into a quaint alley in the quiet 10th (a bit hard to find).

          1. I have eaten at Bofinger, Au Pied de Cochon and Thomieux each twice, and greatly prefer Thomieux. I did not like La Couple much. I was not much impressed with Brasserie Flo either, except for the difficulty in finding it. Avoid Gallopin.
            I like Vaudeville, Terminus Nord and Julien much better than all of the above, except for Thomieux.

            1. thank you all for your input.. Ill guess we'll juts see where we are at the time.. we had the most fun in Japan trying to find places. That was my best trip. I feel I am planning too much for this one....anyway.. do you make a reservation at a Bistro? If we are really walking around on a Fri night will we find somewhere to eat or will everything decent be reserved? thank you....

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                You should definitely reserve. You can do so over the internet for the Flo and Freres Blanc brasseries. I have found that walking up is very chancy, especially on Friday / Saturday nights. Unlike the US, there is no such thing as dropping by, picking up a beeper and hanging around waiting for it to go off. If you fail to reserve there is a good chance you will end up at a shitty highly touristic place and go away wondering why everyone says restaurants are so good in France.

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                  Ditto on the "Definitely reserve." and I would say for just about any night. You can always call and cancel if you find some place you'd rather try. That's the beauty of cell phones! So many places in Paris are no bigger than holes in the wall, that they are "always" full during prime dining hours. I don't think you have to reserve before you leave for your trip, except for the "special" places, but at least, do call that morning and reserve a table. You don't want to be disappointed.

                2. thank you..will do.. especially for the Fri Sat.... and glad to know I can call in the am.. thats what I was most wondering.. when we plan our day..