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Feb 22, 2008 04:27 PM

Pâtisserie Ceci Cela - not so much

Has anyone had a good experience at this place. I have stopped in at this place a couple times and have never been satisfied. i always get suckered in by their city search postive review and go back after I forget about the last thing I got there. I just got an eclair and it just plain sucked. the inside filling was thicker than frosting from a can. does anyone like this place? who is giving it positive reviews? everything always looks good which is what fools me, but I think I will not go back there again. just plain bad.

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  1. Never tried their tartes or eclairs, which always look pretty in the case, but the croissants are some of the best in the city. I know at one point, other acclaimed bakeries were actually carrying Ceci Celi croissants. That said, last couple times I went weren't as exciting as usual, but not as disappointing as Balthazar which has drastically changed some of my favorite items.

    1. When I want pastries for a special occasion I usually get them at Ceci-Cela. It is not quite what you would get in France, but awfully close. I get an assortment of petit fours, and the pear cake. I have had mini eclairs and agree they are not great. Buche de Noel was also forgettable. I think their strength is the larger cakes. Beautiful and tasty.

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        so i guess its hit or miss, and i've just mostly missed. i've never had their tartes and croissants, but i guess that's their strength.

      2. Hi Renguin,

        I agree with sugartoof that their croissants are one of the better ones in the city. I actually have never had their eclairs but I can understand your comments. In fact I don't think I have yet had a good eclairs yet in Manhattan (any recommendations, anyone?). I am now intrigued by the layered cakes recommended by rrems!

        Another item that I will avoid at Ceci-Cela is their macacrons. The fillings were weak IMO.

        1. I love Ceci Cela. The one on Chambers St closed,,but the one on Spring is still open.
          Some things are great there and other things arent. The things i like there are the Financiers, the croissants ( ham and cheese, ) and the almond brioche. The Cream cheese danish is excellent and the lemon tart too. Their cakes are great ,, they sell their goods to many places including sullivan st. bakery. Their coffee is good too.

          1. Aside from the croissant, they have a great strawberry dessert. I'm not sure what to call it but it's similar to a strawberry napoleon. The dense whipped cream is only very lightly sweetened which I love. I'm getting really tired of desserts that are too sweet.

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              I think that's the financiers that foodwhisperer mentioned. I like the ones at Financier (the pastry shops in downtown that put their name to the pastry), but I didn't know Ceci Cela also has a good one. Next time I will definitely try it out!

              1. re: kobetobiko

                I thought financiers were more like a cake. This strawberry dessert is more like layers of puff pastry with fresh strawberries and thick cream. Whatever it's called, please try them out. I absolutely love it!

                  1. re: racer x

                    I think you're right. Thanks. I can order it by name next time instead of pointing.