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Feb 22, 2008 04:02 PM

Starbuck's Jackson Heights

Today was the opening of Starbuck's in Jackson Heights. I went at 2PM and it was very crowded which pleased me. I waited 20 minutes before being served. Almost every seat was taken. It was very active and hectic. When I left my apartment in route to Starbuck's, I passed Espresso 77 and it was also very crowded. This pleased me very much since I want Espresso to succeed. I also passed Lety's which was empty. This doesn't concern me since they do a huge bakery business and don't depend on the tables. I ordered a double espresso at Starbucks for $2 and was very disappointed but then they just opened. Later in the afternoon, I ordered a double espresso at Lety's and it was so much better than Starbuck's. Lety's has come a long way in improving their espresso since they opened and they fill the espresso cup to the very top for just $1.85. I won't order a double espresso at Espresso 77 for $4.40. Much too expensive and not a lot better than Lety's.

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  1. I went at 7:30 am and order a regular coffee and the apple donut, I was pleased with both. Wasn't crowded at that time. I noticed that Lety's was somewhat empty, but, I agree that they make a lot of their income on bakery items, they even deliver. I have to say, that I noticed that Lety's has improved on their expresso drinks in the last month or so.

    1. Julie from Espresso 77 here - I won't sell you a double espresso for $4.40 - our double espresso is $2 plus tax. A quad is $4 plus tax. Our shots are double ristretto, which take up less water volume than a regular double shot, but we can absolutely pull a shot longer for anyone who requests it.
      Just want to clarify...

      1. i can't compare the espresso quality at lety's and espresso 77 -- love the pastry at the former, but the regular coffee was so-so, leaving me unwilling to try the espresso -- but i don't think a double at E77 is anywhere near $4.40. half that amount seems more like it, if i recall correctly (i'm usually a single drinker, so it's been a bit since i had a double there)

        1. >...and they fill the espresso cup to the very top for just $1.85...<

          That's a problem. A properly poured double expresso should be (someone else correct me if I'm off base) about 2.5 ounces max. Bigger is definitely not better in this case.

          1. The original comment has been removed