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Feb 22, 2008 03:52 PM

Visiting Hong Kong for the 1st time, need recommendations

I will be visiting Hong Kong at the end of April for the 1st time. I am simply looking for the best of the best. Even if it is Italian food, what are the top 3 restaurants to try? No limitations on food or cost. Staying at the Grand Hyatt in Hong Kong....Thanks!

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  1. There are many write ups on Hong Kong on previous threads. These are the few examples. Suggest you go through them first and then ask more specific questions to your area of interest:

    1. There are just too many great restaurants in HK. But for the most luxurious, famous and well-known by Hong Kong people in chinese cuisine, there is one - Forum chinese restaurant "Ah Yat" at Causeway Bay.

      The most reputable dish is its braised dried abalone. One “Ah Yat” dried Amidori Abalone alone (only one item) can cost from $1000 to $2000 US and up, per person, depends on size. Of course it tastes really good, but whether it's worth it or not, depends on the individual. Please note the decoration and atmosphere of the restaurant is only average. There are not too many tourist in there, mainly locals.

      1. If cost is no limitation & you want a break from Cantonese/Chinese cuisine, I would recommend:

        1. L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon, Landmark Building, Central (best Continental food in HK at the moment, and perhaps the biggest wine-list I've seen in a while);
        2. Caprice, Four Seasons Hotel (killer views);
        3. Zuma, Landmark Building, Central (Almost Nobu-style fusion-Japanese, has fabulous cocktail list)
        4. Inagiku, Four Seasons Hotel (best Japanese in town at the moment)

        My fave Italian at the moment is Nicholini, Conrad Hotel, Admiralty.

        1. I would suggest you first go through the old posts of the board. This topic has been covered pretty well here. If you have a short list and need to narrow it down, then I am sure people would be happy to help then.

          1. hutong for the view and the crispy lambchops.

            l'atelier du robuchon for light and innovative french.

            the square for weekend dim sum.

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              If you decide on Hutong (28th Floor, One Peking Road, Tel: 3428 8342), do dinner there - the lighting transforms the whole place into a truly magical dining spot at night, whilst the panoramic night-view of Hong Kong harbour, with the glittering lights of the phalanx of skyscrapers make it truly one of the most breathtaking sights in the world.

              But if you do decide to do lunch there, be prepared for an ultra-bright "sunbathe"-cum-lunch experience, as the 2-storey wall-to-ceiling glass walls let in the sunlight relentlessly. The thin-framed Qing-dynasty furniture and rustic ancient Moongates & doorways also look a lot less "mysterious" under the harsh sunlight.

              But the food menu's the same for both lunch & dinner - Hutong's modern take on Northern Chinese/Manchu food is marvellous, and their crispy de-boned lamb ribs is most certainly one of the best things you'd ever have tasted, ever.

              For a nicer lunch spot in the same building, go to Aqua Roma/Aqua Tokyo on the 29th floor - same gorgeous views, but more comfortable atmosphere & seats. Also, they have a nicer bar.