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Feb 22, 2008 03:51 PM

First Cut of my List, Please advise

Thanks to everyone who helped when I asked re procuring staples for our apartment when I arrive late in the day In April. We are staying in the 7th but will travel anywhere for good food. We are comfortable in the City and have visitied at least annually for the past 8 years . We always enjoy new restaurants. Our French is passable and we love food and love wine even more. We have 5 nights( I have an extra nite as I am arriving from London and Husband coming next am from Boston ) But I will enjoy the food and hospitality of Ms Ginny at Petit Tonneau on my solo dining night. We are relatively adventurous eaters and are not Euro shy as this is our annual blow out . Here is my review from last year if that helps ( go to bottom )
Here are some we are considering and have not tried :
Beauvilliers in the 18th
Ardoise in the 1st ( Sunday
)Bascou in the 3rd
Chez L'Ami Jean in the 7th ( following the hype on this board)
Jean in the 9th
Petit Ponttoise in the 5th ( been before and like it and it is a Sunday nite option)
And we want one starred and special nite ( we have loved Hiramatsu and Lucas Carton before the renovation ) so we are thinking, thanks to Souphie
Elysees in the 8th..
All comments very gratefully accepted ..and I will report !

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  1. I am jealous as we are probably not going to make it to Paris this year!!! I was there for my birthday lasy May and enjoyed it as usual. I always stay in the 7th on Rue Cler, very close to Rue Cler on Rue de l'Exposition is a smaill Bisto call Le Petit Troquet, I think you would love it. Also in the 7th Le Florimond is very good too. The crepe man right on Rue Cler is good. I love Le Vieux Bistro, next to Notre Dame, excelleny escargot, frog legs and their rack of lamb with scalloped potatoes are fabulous. The friterie on Rue Galande has the best steak & frite, it is a take away place with a few seats on the sidewalk in front, excellent, excellent!! I have to go there everytime I am in Paris!! Have a wonderful trip!!!

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      If you don't mind spending a little, like good wines and would like to stay in the 7th, try the 1-starred(for years) Vin Sur Vin on Montessuy. The wine list is impressive and M. Vidal is passionate about wines. The chef formerly was Passard at 'Arpege and knows his way arond the kitchen. I am probably the lone dissenter where l'Ami jean is concerned; I went 1st right after Stephane Jego took over and it was hit and miss, so I tried it again with 2 Parisiennes who own a hotel in the 7th last year to see what all the buzz was about. It was packed elbow to elbow, the decibel level became such that shouting was the only way to converse, and the St. Pierre entier that my guests had was undercooked to the point that the flesh could not be removed from the bone; they had not ordered it bleu and only ate around the edges. My calamar was of decent quality but bland and uninspired. Chalk it up to a bad day with the kitchen and service being overtaxed, but I prefer about a dozen other places in the neighborhood...Clos Des Gourmets, Le Florimond, Fables de la Fontaine, Au Petit Tonneau, Leo Le Lion, Pasco, d'Chez Eux , l'Auberge Bressane, etc. Jean, in the 9th, is good, but we slightly prefer La Carte Blanche, and just below those 2 Casa Olympe, and if you don't care for decor or a choice, then Spring is all the rage and imho deservedly so in that neighborhood.

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        You are not the only dissenter on this board regarding to L'Ami Jean. Although I really like Chef Stephane Jego's food, I rarely recommend it to friends because the noise level and cramped quarters (to an extreme) make dining very uncomfortable. It's on my list only when I am dining alone in Paris.

        1. re: PBSF

          Personally I love to have variety in my restaurant choices. L'Ami Jean is boisterous, crowded and often quite chaotic - perfect for a Friday night wind down after a hard weeks work, and I have always had a great time. For the price the food is innovative and usually very good - although I have had a few less than perfect dishes. But at this price point, and with this much ambition on the menu how many restaurants are perfect every time?

          However, it is completely the wrong place to take my 84 year old father for his Birthday. Horses for courses.

        2. re: Laidback

          "The chef formerly was Passard at 'Arpege"...
          Sorry, that should read the chef formerly was WITH Passard at Arpege.

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            you mention L'Auberge Bressane--my hotel has recommended it as someplace that is open on our first night in Paris (May 1). Do you think its a decent place or is it geared towards tourists?

            Thanks for your feedback.


            1. re: hoiya

              There is no place in this part of the 7th that is tourist free, but Auberge Bressane has been serving a solid, mainly Burgundian cuisine for years and has many devotées that are French, coming for the traditional dishes. It is indeed a decent place.

              1. re: Laidback

                Many thanks. The menus on the website seemed to feature lots of "classics", so it seems like a great place for a first night dinner. We'll try it out.


            2. re: Laidback

              I very enthusiatically second the recommendation of Vin sur Vin. We have had several wonderful meals there. The wines are fabulous-I keep a cork from a bottle of Volnay we had there on my desk. On one visit in March we had a fresh asparagus and morel soup that was layered. We were instructed to dip the spoon to get each layer. One of the best dishes I have had anywhere! We leave there feeling like we have spent the evening with friends rather than in a restaurant even though our French is pitiful.

              1. re: AGM_Cape_Cod

                Thank you all. We have scratched Le Ami Jean and are definitely reserving at Vin sur Vin ..We will likely do Mon Viel Ami as my Husband has not been and that may be the Sunday solution... also has anyone comments on Bascou or Beaulliviers? And are there any comments re Elysees ? Souphie where r u? If we want one night at a 2 star is this the place for great food , wine and atmosphere ..our yardstick would likely be Hiramatsu. Thanks again

            3. re: kittykatkid

              I am in Paris right now, and le Vieux Bistro is one of my favorite restaurants. Alas, it seems to be undergoing renovation and is not open right now. I am so disappointed!

            4. The original comment has been removed