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Feb 22, 2008 03:12 PM

Am I strange - love beer and bloody mary - together.

Is this such a drink, I had a nice mexican amber beer mixed with my own bloody mary mix? It's fantastic - 1/2 & 1/2 on ice. Am I nuts? I think it comes from enjoying oyster shooters so much, that I enjoy it without the oysters too.

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  1. I used to drink something called Bloody Beer, exactly what you are talking about. I was with a former boyfriend at his parents home. They were carpetmakers, and had a beautiful wool carpet. They gave me a bloody beer, their standard drink, and yes I spilled it on thier beautiful light gray wool carpet. Boyfriend and I are not still dating.

    1. Also sounds similar to a Michelada... with happens to be Mexican Beer, Clamato or Clam Juice & Tomato Juice, Arbol Chile Paste or Powder, Worcestire & a Squeeze of Lime.

      Classic Beer Cocktail in Mexico... you aren't wrong you got 110 Million people backing your taste buds.

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        At the Extreme Beer Fest in Boston last week there were two bloody mary inspired beers.

        One was from Cambridge Brewing Co. where they mixed (in your sample glass)a spicy bloody mary mix with a smoked chile beer and topped it off with some pickled vegetables. I commented on how awesome it would be with a raw oyster in there like an oyster shooter. I believe they serve a version of this during their weekend brunches.

        Chili Willy (Big & Bloody)
        Possibly the world's first draft beer Bloody Mary! Chili Willy (Big Man Ale infused with ancho and chipotle peppers) blended with fresh tomato juice and spices and garnished with Chef Roskow's house-made picked veggies. You can not stop this insanity! 7.0%

        The other was a beer that added all of the bloody mary ingrediants before fermentation from Short's Brewing in MI - including tomatoes - and it was actually pretty tasty - the tomato aspect was there but in the background and the spices seemed more like old bay flavor.

        Bloody Beer
        Imperial California Lager fermented with roma tomatoes, and spiced will dill, horseradish, tellicherry pepper and celery seed. 8.5%

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          Now that sounds interesting to the fullest extent of the word. It sounds like you are familiar with Mexican cuisine or at least ingredients... if you haven't been... go to Mexico you will be in Oyster Cocktail heaven (Raw Oysters in a "broth" of tomato, lime juice, olives, pickled jalapenos etc.,... if you go for Ostiones Borrachos then the broth includes either Beer or Pulque).

      2. I love beer and tomoato juice and we've always called it a Red Eye. It's a brunch drink in our family. An aquired taste. Never thought about making a complete bloody.

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        1. re: southernitalian

          I was in our local Kroger Grocery a few weeks ago and noticed a Budweiser product called Chelada. A mixture of Budweiser and Calmato Juice....
          I guess someone will like it... not me!!!
          I don't think even my Canadian buddies will find this good... and they love their Bloody Ceaser's.

          1. re: kelomaki

            Sound like a perfect match to me..............

            1. re: kelomaki

              Come on... how do you even go about comparing a Michelada prepared competently with canned urine from Budweiser?

              1. re: Eat_Nopal

                Canned urine eh............. that would explain that strange but haunting after taste that we have all grown to love............... or hate.

          2. "Up Nort" here in Wisconsin bloodys are almost always served with beer chasers. The old timers will drink down enough bloody to fit the chaser into the glass. I've also seen those same old timers order a "poor man's bloody". It's the same as you described. Welcome to God's country!

            1. No, I think its fairly common actually -- Bud's got a canned version of this called clamato beer.


              *I* think it sounds kinda gross, but then again, whenever I see a Bud label, I want to throw up. I might try your mix though, at home sometime.