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Feb 22, 2008 03:09 PM

Rate this wine for me, please

my mother's friend gave our family some old liquor and some wine. I was wondering if this certain bottle of wine from 1985 is still good or possibly even worth anything.

it's a joseph drouhin nuits saint georges from 1985.

merci beaucoup

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  1. Its not much help and you may have already found this, but...

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      i didn't find thanks

      stupid question, but is release price how much it cost in 1985 or how much it's worth now? I just wanted to know if it still tastes good and if it's worth a substantial amount

    2. Not worth much. If it wasn't stored on top of the fridge for 23 years, it could be an enjoyable bottle.

      1. 1985 Domaine Joseph Drouhin Nuits St Georges
        Domaine Joseph Drouhin
        A Pinot Noir Dry Red Table wine from
        Nuits St Georges, Burgundy, France

        Source: Burgundy Book # B2 Jan 1990
        Reviewer: Robert Parker
        Rating: 78
        Maturity: Drink

        This Cote de Nuits offering is bland. The 1985s from this famous firm are all impeccably clean, correct, well-made wines. Drouhin has managed to preserve the individual identity of each appellation as the wines do not taste alike. There is, of course, a house style, but that can be said of the wines from a small grower as well.

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        posted with permission of

        Curiously enough, Wine Spectator rates it at 92, but with no comments.
        I personally would (blindly, but with no remorse) go with the first rating above.

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          I agree with many of the others comments. It was once a decent bottle of wine, and 1985 was a very good vintage, but - depending on how it was stored - it is probably over the hill. But, you never know. And it is hard to determine value for this wine for similar reasons - it could vary greatly in quality depending on how it was stored, and since there is virtually none of this wine still in circulation, there is no commercial benchmark with which to establish a price.

          Also, about the ratings - you must realize that Robert Parker has a strange, adversarial relationship with Burgundy. After the 1996 vintage, or so, he was sort of blacklisted by many of the vignerons, and doesn't even taste them anymore - he has delegated that respsonsibility to Pierre Rovani. I have never cared for his assessments of burgundy, and I wouldn't heed him much credence here, either.

          In my opinion, the only Burgundy critic whose opinion I value is Alan Meadows (Burghound).

          1. re: georgempavlov

            While you are essentially correct vis-a-vis Robert Parker, his "strange,adversarial relationship with Burgundy" (how true!), and Allen Meadows ( ) , I would be remiss if I didn't point out that Pierre-Antoine Rovani LEFT Parker's employment in 2006 (2005? could it have been 2004?), and the region of Burgundy is now covered by David Schildneckt.


        2. 1985 was a pretty good vintage and Drouhin is a respectable producer, but at 23 years old, I'm thinking this is over the hill. A premier cru or grand cru burgundy might still be drinking well, but this one will likely have muted fruit and some discoloration, even if it's been stored well.

          As for resale value, I wouldn't think it's worth much. Certainly less than $50, if even that much.

          That said, it certainly won't be bad-tasting, so drink up. The sooner the better :)

          1. So much depends on the storage method. If the wine was kept in a cool, dark room there is a very good chance it will still be good if not great. Is there anything else on the label that might indicate that the wine is from a particular property. If so, this will even further the likleyhood that the wine survived. Nuits Saint George produces some of the greatest and longest-lived Burgundies. Let me know how it turns out for you, good luck.