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Feb 22, 2008 03:06 PM

Saturday lunch - Rittenhouse Sq.

It seems like a lot the chowhound favorites are either open only for dinner, or if they do lunch, it's limited to M-F or maybe Sunday brunch. I'm looking for something good and possibly a bit novel that is open at lunch time on Saturday. Flexible in terms of cuisine and $. Center City proper is also a possibility.

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  1. I am just reading this and, if the question is for today, I am too late. My wife and I had the same problem two Saturdays ago. We ended up at La Bourse, the lobby bar in the Sofitel Hotel. Not inexpensive, limited menu, but we were pleasantly surprised. She had an excellent salad and my panini was reasonably good. Actually, enjoy the place now as it is. Stephen Starr is supposed to be taking it over, according to one news report. For something more novel, you could always do afternoon tea at the Rittenhouse Hotel. I saw that recommended on CH a month or two ago.

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      Estia and Alma de Cuba are both open Saturdays for lunch and are not more than a few blocks from Rittenhouse.

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        Thanks for the information that Alma de Cuba is open for lunch on Saturdays. As my wife and I walked past it two weeks ago, I mentioned how I love the Peruvian chowder but didn't think it was open for lunch on Saturdays. Next time, for sure.

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          Glad to be of help. They just added the Saturday lunch last fall I think, and we've been a few times and been very pleased!

    2. Apamate is a few blocks south at 1620 South St. It's discussed here: Their web site is here:

      1. Great suggestions. I ended up booking at Estia. Apamate sounds interesting for another day.

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          Make sure to try the grilled octopus. The fish of the day (over bram vegetables) is generally quite good as is the fresh fish by the pound (prepared with olive oil, lemon, and capers).