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Feb 22, 2008 01:36 PM

Uzes and Mons in Provence?

We'll soon be spending several weeks in both Uzes and Mons in Provence. Anyone have any recommendations? Have palate, will travel!

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  1. We spent several days in Uzès this past Sept. and enjoyed the small Hostellerie Provençal just off the ring road. We tried several other, more casual places but the Hostellerie was our favorite. The tiny hotel it is in is a gem, just recently restored with taste and character, plus they have their own private parking. I am not familiar with Mons.

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      Actually the name of the restaurant in the Hostellerie Provençale is "La Parenthese"

    2. In Uzes, you will not be far from Avignon. I would recommend Hiely. I'm sure other hounds will come along with more recs there. In St. Remy, La Maison Jaune is excellent. As for Mons, I am assuming you mean the one in the Var, inland from the riviera (there are many towns in France called Mons) and that you will be going some distance in your touring. Vence is an interesting town with some very good restaurants (Auberge des Templiers, Le Vieux Couvent, Lion d'Or) and just outside of Vence is Jacques Maximin. This is one you should not miss. Maximin is one of the greatest chefs in France, the food is wonderful and plentiful, prices are not outrageous. and the setting is elegant and full of rustic charm. You should also go to the beautiful town of Moustier Ste. Marie, at one end of the Gorges du Verdon. Restaurants to try are Les Santons and Treille Muscate, both right in the center. We also had dinner at La Bastide de Moustier, which is owned by Alain Ducasse, but it was disappointing, with careless preparation and inattentive service, though the ambience is very charming. We had better luck with lunch at another Ducasse place, L'Hostellerie de l'Abbaye de la Celle. This is a place you might consider stopping when travelling from Uzes to Mons. I think you have picked 2 perfect locations for touring the different parts of Provence.

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        Merci! Merci! Merci!

        Thanks alot, too. :-))))

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          You're very welcome! I also recalled another possibility near Avignon. The Auberge de Noves is just a few miles outside of Avignon and has a Michelin star. I have stayed and dined there twice, but it was quite a few years ago. I had to check Michelin to make sure it was still considered good before recommending it. It is expensive but my meals were spectacular 3-hour affairs. The cheese cart is amazing. They wheel out this giant cart covered with a sheet and all you can think of is "is there a body under there?" but it really is a wonderful cheese selection. Quite an experience. If you know any other specific towns you intend to visit, post again and I will try to recommend some more places. l have travelled extensively in Provence and there are just so many wonderful restaurants.