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Feb 22, 2008 01:28 PM

Emeril Lagasse's Marinara and Other Sauces

Our family loves the jarred Emeril Lagasse sauces (marinara, roasted garlic and vodka). We live in Toronto, Canada and I have been told that the products have been discontinued because of hurricane Katrina. Last time I checked the jar, there was a notation from New Jersey . I don't know the products are completely discontinued or they are just not distributing in Canada. If the latter is the case, a Buffalo car trip may be in order.

Also, I understand Martha Stewart just purchased Emeril's culinary empire (rights to shows, products, etc). I wonder if they would laugh about requests to resurrect products.

Any information, would be most appreciated.

Lastly, I hope it is not too politically incorrect to use a jarred sauce on Chowhound !!!

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  1. My husband and I like the Kicked Up Tomato Sauce, which we use as a "base" to make our own sauce. We thought it had been discontinued because it was getting difficult to find but he just reported that our local store has started stocking it again, so we are going to stock up...just in case. Perhaps you can put a request in to your store to carry it?

    RE: being politically incorrect...who cares? If it is something you like, go for it!

    1. I have purchased Emeril's Marianara sauce once when I was too lazy, and time strapped to make my own from scratch9it was on sale, and the cheapest so i gave it a shot, typically i do not like Emeril, but i figured bottled marinara is bottled marinara, it wasnt going to be ground breaking & hopefully not horrible). An average bottled sauce, nothing spectacular.

      With the above said, now that Emeril is under the Martha Stewart' corporate umbrella I will never buy another one of his items again(not that I regularly did in the past).

      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. I think Emeril sold his name to that jar sauce and not much else. The Homemade Marinara tastes like Campbell's tomato soup. Might as well save the three dollars and buy Prego. Honest. If you want to pay more than I recommend any of Mario Batali's jar sauces over Emerils. Sorry.