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Feb 22, 2008 01:11 PM

Repair/Replace Le Creuset Lid

Well, I seem to be accident prone lately - first the lid flew off the fridge and decapitated the Swiss Diamond frying pan handle (they've sent a new one), and yesterday it flew off and broke in half (note to self - stop storing stuff there). I'm wondering if anyone has tried to glue one back together, and if so, what glue you used. Or, alternatively, has anyone tried to replace a lid from LC - I just called but they were already closed.


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  1. LC has a lifetime warranty. Get in touch with them and they'll send you a new lid free.

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    1. re: KRS

      I will call on Monday - but it seemed to me that the warranty wouldn't cover my causing it to fall on the floor and break, no? Thank you though!

      "This warranty covers normal household use only. This warranty does not cover damage from abuse , commercial use or other non-consumer use, neglect, abnormal wear or tear, overheating, or any use not in accordance with the cookware instructions provided with the product. " Maybe they won't think that I abused it!!

      1. re: MMRuth

        You may be right. One of my Le Creuset lids fell to the floor and the enamel chipped--my fault. The company wouldn't give me a free replacement, citing the terms of the warranty, but they did offer to sell me one at a pro-rated price. (I ultimately decided to live with the chipped lid.) By contrast, when a friend's Le Creuset oven cracked in half on being flung from a shelf during an earthquake, the company DID replace it at no charge.

        1. re: Miss Priss

          Thanks - good to know - will be calling on Monday.

      2. re: KRS

        And indeed they did - free shipping too - said it would be here in 2-3 days. Told them the lid fell off the refrigerator onto the floor and broke in half.

        The color won't match - it's the new blue - but that's fine with me! I also took the opportunity to ask if any of their products are made in China, as I've noted people commenting on that, and was told that only their stainless steel products are made in China - everything else is made in France.

        So far that is two for two for me in the cookware c/s department this month!

        1. re: MMRuth


          Depending on where you got it, you may also have some luck taking it back to the wife burned up a LC grillpan and she took it back to Williams Sonoma, told them flat-out that she turned on the wrong burner and really messed up the finish. They gave her a replacement with no problem. The only "penalty" was that it was a special order color and she had to choose one of the off-the-shelf colors.

          1. re: jzerocsk

            It's been so long I don't even remember - but thanks for the suggestion!

          2. re: MMRuth

            Turns out the color did match, by the way.

        2. Say Ruth, did you have to produce the original receipt? I just cracked the lid on my most oft used (volcano/orange) LC when it landed on the tile floor (how the heck..?), but the pot was a housewarming gift 15 years ago...
          (/le sigh)

          alternately, if anyone has a good story for maintenance . . . I'm thinking I need to keep it oiled to avoid rust.

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          1. re: pitu

            You do not have to produce any receipts. Just call them up and they will give you simple instructions. They do require you to ship the damaged good to them. Recently, they replaced my "volcano/orange" dutch after 25 years of usage because of chipped enamel on the bottom.

          2. What size lid do you need. I have an extra for the #18 round dutch oven in blue and one for the #26 round in blue. I would be happy to give it to you. You just need to pay for the shipping.

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            1. re: Nkrosner

              We need a size 22 dutch oven lid as our lid has been misplaced. We really need to know how to order a new lid and there does not seem to a "parts" replacement feature on the website. It is lost, not damaged.

              1. re: Nkrosner

                Do you still have #26 lid? I would be very happy to have it. Thanks.

              2. I called today for a replacement lid and was told that they will only replace if it is covered under warranty. I would have to send the pot and the lid (cost - probably $18-20 to ship) to them and they will determine if it is under warranty. They will either replace (if they deem it to be) or will sell me a new pot with a lid at a 50% discount. This is a $120 item - and all I need is a new lid. It will cost a minimum of the shipping fee, and a maximum of about $80 to replace it. They will not return the pot and lid to me if I do not accept their replacement terms.

                This is definitely the one and only Le Creuset item for me!

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                1. re: sadaboutlecreuset

                  Wow, you are so kind to share this with all of us. I totally agree and I am just so sorry to hear of this type of customer service in today's day and age of competition! Too bad. I totally agree with your point. What a shame. Thanks again for letting me know.

                  1. re: sadaboutlecreuset

                    What letter-size cover do you need? I have a cover in cobalt for a larger oven that was ruined.

                    1. re: kaleokahu

                      My size needed is 22 and it is stamped with an "H" too. That would be wonderful, but if sadaboutlecreuset needs it, she can have it too. Thanks so much!!

                        1. re: kaleokahu

                          You are so kind and sweet to offer! I really appreciate it. Thanks so much!!