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Bar Tano

Has anyone been there yet? Comments?

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  1. the bar toto peep's, right? i have been meaning to walk down there...

    1. I drove by it the other day on my way to Fairway - slightly out of the way! Curious if it is just a redo of Toto. I like Toto - nice prices and not so bad food but nothing out of the ordinary. I don't get to go as my boyfriend hates the place.

      1. Nevermind...My wife and I made the mistake of going to Bar Tano tonight. We had the WORST service we have ever had in any borough of NYC. First, we sat at the bar while waiting for a table and watched another party of 2 walk in off the street and be sat before us. Our appetizers came with our meal, my wife received the wrong entrée and I was forced to eat entree while she waited for hers. She then received the incorrect entrée for a second time. She originally ordered a mozzarella panini with pesto. The first panini to come out was ricotta and eggplant. When it came out again it was missing the pesto. When we told our server about it, he came back and slammed a cup of pesto on our table and walked away. We then decided to leave with her only taking two bites out of her panini. We were only comped for her entrée, even though our entire meal was ruined. The worst part was that our server never even apologized. I would never go there again. Our ENTIRE night was ruined and all we received was 12 dollars off our bill. I'm usually not picky about service, but this was ridiculous.

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          My friends and I have had nothing but great dinners at Bar Tano. The food is authentic Italian (like the fritto misto, panini and delicious meatballs over polenta). Everyone seems to love their pizza too. The servers have been very nice. The way I see it is it's a new restaurant off the beaten path. It's got a beautiful decor and an interesting, different menu. It's been open only a few weeks. There are bound to be a couple of screw ups with the growing pains of any new restaurant, but it would be a shame to see the business suffer over a posting that doesn't represent the vast majority of experiences there. We need to give small businesses a shot. Otherwise, the alternative is the Olive Garden.

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            "Otherwise, the alternative is the Olive Garden."

            in park slope?

        2. I actually live across the street and was pretty psyched for this place. I wasn't expecting much, just a place to get a drink and something to eat when i was too lazy to go 5th ave. My gf and i went in the day after it opened and had some drinks, she was hungry, but i had eaten, so she got a pasta dish. Nice selection of drinks and mediocre pasta. I've gone in a few more times for drinks because it's so convenient.
          This weekend we didn't have a chance to go grocery shopping, so last night we were short on vegetables in the house. We decided to run across the street and pick up some salads for a quick fix. I got back to the apt and neither of the salads had dressing and were both missing ingredients. No big deal, but I like getting what I order and what I'm paying for.
          I don't recommend it for food, maybe once they get the kinks ironed out.

          1. i went there last night and had a great meal. i had salad and pizza: the salad was very fresh, and the pizza just as good as bar toto. good lighting, good wine selection -- and i Very Highly reccommend getting zeppoli for dessert -- warm, sugary, italian fritters served with a dark delicious chocolate sauce. . .
            i had a great experience, and can't wait to try their brunch. . .

            1. My husband and I went on Sunday night for dinner being that the location is close. It's great having a restaurant on 3rd Ave! The restaurant looks great. Staff was nice, but almost too attentive. It felt like we had every waiter in the restaurant come by our table. Understandable being they just opened. We had a pizza, which was good. Wine selection was great. I will definitely be back with some friends to try out more of their menu. For now, I agree with LesserKnown and think it best to let them iron out their kinks.

              1. i went in here for a drink yesterday with my friend who has a studio around the corner. as a bar it has quite an impressive bar, reminded me of LUPA'S bar. they have a fine draft beer selection, lots of italian spirits variety like amaros, digestifs & grappas, many rum choices & a very wide variety of small batch whiskys (although weirdly no ryes). it was fun just sitting at the bar looking over all that stuff.

                my friend has eaten there many times and enjoyed it. however, he has had some seriously weird service issues too, almost to the point of not wanting to return, but no compliments the food. he said one night they were going to FRANNYS, but it was packed and so they went to BAR TANO and enjoyed the pizza.

                i'll have to try it sometime. i guess they open around 11am, which is pretty fantastic.

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                  just had a very good eggplant pesto sandwich, and six points righteous rye ale. nice russian bartender ;-) equals i'll be going back. often...

                2. i went on a sunday night with my husband before going to a show at the bell house (it's conveniently located nearby), and was surprised to see there was a wait for a table. we decided to stay and eat at the bar, which is a beautiful bar, by the way, with a large assortment of italian liqueurs. i ordered a negroni which was done well and served up, and my hubby got a peroni on draft. the cocktails are all around $9, which seems to be pretty standard for the area these days. anyways, we were starving and i ordered a margherita pizza with the addition of ricotta (a tip off of yelp), and he got a burger and gorganzola-walnut bruschetta. the bruschetta never came as an appetizer, but was delicious nonetheless. his burger was served panini-style with homemade potato chips to accompany and he devoured it. my pizza looked lovely, but i was disappointed by its lackluster taste. maybe salt was missing? the crust was a little dense and tasteless and there was no tang to the marinara. i'm sure i'll be back because i loved the bar but i'll try something different on the menu next time...

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                    I think pizza is definitely the weak link here. The the $8 bowl of spaghetti is the best bargain around - and it's great, not just adequate. The spinach salad with figs is lovely, too.

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                      Also had the pizza...or was it the Boboli crust topped with Hunt's sauce? Dunno but disasterous. Nice place to drink, that's it.