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Feb 22, 2008 12:48 PM

I'm new. (Living in Albuquerque)

I just happened on this website, while googleing. :)

I have been reading a lot of the posts. We are always trying to find good places to eat. My husband owns a small local restaurant here in town. He does New Mexican food. So when we eat out, we want something different. Right now, we are in need of a REALLY GOOD Chinese place here in town. Anyone have any idea of one we should try? We used to go to a small place on Jaun Tabo called, Szechwan. But we think they have changed owners. The food is just not the same. :(

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  1. You might try Ming's Dynasty on Eubank. Dim Sum is really good on the weekends. I have also heard good things about ABC, I believe on Menaul?? but haven't made it there yet.

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    1. re: high desert chow

      I have also heard good things about ABC. Maybe we will have to try it. I will be sure to let you know if we try it, and what we thought. Thanks for the reply! :)

      1. re: high desert chow

        I'll second Ming's Dynasty. I ate there this past weekend and the Dim Sum was equal to what I've had in much larger Chinatowns. They do a nice southwest rendition on chicken feet.

        Cheap too. For the three of us, it was only 33 dollars. We must've had 7 or 8 plates, too.

        You may also want to check out

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          Chinese is weak in NM. Chen's on Juan Tabo (west side, just S of the freeway) is someplace we go as is Chow's on the east side of the same street further north.

          I'll have to try the dim sum at Ming's Dynasty.

          1. re: Erich

            Chinese is not only weak in NM, it's (relatively) weak in CO as well. Must be a Rocky Mountain regional thing. The Denver/Boulder area has several commendable Chinese restaurants, but not a lot. For whatever reason, when it comes to Asian cuisine, good Vietnamese, Thai and Indian restaurants seem to be more abundant. There is also an excellent, huge Asian/intl food-and-more market in ALB. I can't remember the name or the location. Friends who live there took me, and they could hardly pry me out of the place. Hopefully, you've discovered it or someone from ALB will fill in the big blank in my post.

      2. I'd second (or third, or fourth, or...) everyone's opinion that we lack an abundance of good Chinese restaurants. So many seem to be "all you can eat" buffets including the new and extravagantly constructed "Lin's" on Coors across from Cottonwood Mall. It hasn't opened to date so let's give them a chance to prove that most Chinese buffets aren't worth the time.

        Living on the West Side, we ususally go to Chow's Bistro in the mall. Can't give you a rundown on the whole menu because I always order the beef noodle soup, which is enough for two and blistering hot even for this NM gal.

        Claire is correct about our terrific world market. It's called Ta Lin, and it's on the corner of Central and Louisiana. It's quite an operation, aisles upon aisles of food products from all over the world, not just Asia. If you haven't discovered it, give it a try. And by the way, what's the name of your restaurant? I'm always up for a new place serving New Mexican food.

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        1. re: NMculinary

          Is this the same as the Chow's on Jaun Tabo?

          Our restaurant is called Mick's Chile Fix! We have a website if you would like to look at the menu.

        2. I agree about the general state of Chinese food in Abq.
          A suggestion: go to a small Korean restaurant called Fu Yuang. It's in a mall called Scottsdale Village on the northwest corner of Candelaria and Eubank, behind the McD's there. They have very good and spicy Korean food, but also cook pretty good Chinese food for those that are unfamiliar with Korean. On Korean foood: try bulgogi and spicy pork (spiced with a red chile sauce and garlic among other things), but there are other good dishes served there. I have heard Ming's Dynasty is good, but haven't been there yet.

          1. Well, the mystery is over. Lin's is opening this weekend with much Chinese hoopla--dragons, fireworks, etc. From article in ABQ Journal, we find it's actually a chain with 14 locations in Texas. They will have a Mongolian barbecue station, a sushi station, three hot buffets and a cold food line in addition to all-you-can-eat ribeye steak station. Prices run around $7 for lunch and $10 for dinner. I plan to give it a try and will report back.

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            1. re: NMculinary

              Can't wait to hear back about Lin's. We are going to try ABC this weekend.

              1. re: chilefix

                Yes, Chow has two ABQ locations and one in Santa Fe. And thanks for the restaurant name. I'll check it out.

                1. re: chilefix

                  When you go to ABC be sure to order from the small Blue menu which is in Chinese with hand written English translations. The giant red and gold menu has Chow Mein and other uninteresting Americanized dishes. You can also order live seafood and fish from the giant tanks and have it prepared to your taste.
                  I also like East Ocean on Carlyle (but only certain things on the menu).

                2. re: NMculinary

                  Lin's was one of the worst dining experiences I have ever had. I would highly recommend not wasting your money on this place. After first walking in the waiting room area is poorly designed. The place you pay and the location of the entrance to the dining area were poorly separated. The service was VERY bad, the cashiers were rude, the wait staff were poorly trained and God awful slow. And we you got right down to the food, it was nothing special at all. Again I would suggest that you save your money and go the a better restaurant than Lin's.

                  1. re: crazyman2

                    I also ate at Lin's (on Jaun Tabo) this week. I will have to agree with you. I was not very happy with any of it. The wait staff was not very nice and the food, well... not good. My son is in Tae Kwon do next door, and we needed a place to grab a quick bite. I do not think we will be back. I need to find another place in that area to eat at. We go to Tae Kwon Do 3-5 times a week, and when we leave my family is very hungery!!!

                    1. re: crazyman2

                      Lin's on Juan Tabo is not part of the Lin's Asian buffet chain. This is her first location in NM. That just happens to be the same name.

                      My husband and I ate at Lin's on Coors and we too found it to be nasty! All they had was chicken, chicken and more chicken, some dead looking octopi and not much in the way of food to eat that was put out often (it wasn't). However, on a buffet note, the food WAS kept hot in the dishes and I was able to get a rib eye which satisfied my hunger since there wasn't much of anything else that appealed to me! Overpriced and dysfunctional!

                  2. OK, we tried Lin's on Coors for Chinese. It's just another "all you can eat buffet," no better or no worse than its bretheren. In its favor it does have a sushi chef on site making fresh selections, and it has a grill where you can select ingredients for the cook to stir fry. Given my preference, I'll stick with some of our good Thai and Vietnamese restaurants when I go Asian.