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Feb 22, 2008 12:39 PM

Bar Harbor in May

DH and I will be vacationing in Bar Harbor for four days including the second weekend in May. What is open then and good food? Thanks -

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  1. Hi there. Oddly enough, many of the better restaurants are open at that time (several are year-round) and many of the "tourist" places wait until Memorial Day to open - or at least Mother's Day. Also, Bar Harbor is only one of the towns on Mount Desert so you may want to explore Southwest Harbor, Northeast Harbor or Town Hill. I think another good website to explore is Tripadvisor. The local newspapers also have online sites (Mount Desert Islander, Bar Harbor Times).....May is a great time to visit Bar Harbor!

    1. Off the top of my head, these are likely open:

      Havana--Cubanesque food, in Bar Harbor
      Cafe This Way--creative, fun, good, funky, in Bar Harbor
      Red Sky--in Southwest Harbor

      Mid-May is kind of iffy--some places open, others not. Burning Sky won't be open. Pretty much everything on Rodick Street is open--lotsa ethnic, very casual, and catering to COA crowd, but okay Thai, Tex-Mex, pizza (on the corner), decent brew pub, and Morning Glory is a must for baked goods and to-go lunches.

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          College of the Atlantic (Locally known as Hippie U.) Jordan's for breakfast. Thirsty Whale at night to see where the locals hang out. Another pub on Main. Three Cats for brekkie. Moria is right on the timing and Mainegal is always spot on. There won't be a shortage of eats (Even Ellsworth has some nice spots.) And iit is a beautiful time to visit Acadia, awakening from a long hard winter.

      1. Here a great link. BTW, we absolutely loved XYZ and The Burning Tree. Enjoy!

        1. I'll second Havana and Cafe This Way (both closed now, but will probably be open by the time of your visit) and Red Sky (Southwest Harbor). Guinness and Porcelli's is open year round and has good Italian fare. They are much improved from prior years with a new chef as of last summer. McKay's is a good spot as well for dinner. Search under Bar Harbor, Acadia, or MDI for more detailed discussions on this topic.

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            We go to Bar Harbor every year but we missed the past year. Has anything new opened up lately?

          2. As a former "Mainer", one of my favorite casual places is Gayln's. In fact, they have a website.

            I've been going there for more than 10 years and have always had lovely food and excellent service.