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Feb 22, 2008 12:17 PM

The Waffle -- worst restaurant experience EVER

I know that this place just opened this week, so we went in for lunch knowing there would be a few glitches. What I didn't anticipate was, after an hour and a half, leaving without ever getting our food.

I have never walked out of a restaurant in my life. But my experience at this place was extraordinary! When we first placed our orders, we were the first people in the place and noticed that there was a large party getting ready to sit down. We asked if we could put our order in before them. The waitress said ok. And then she left for 15 minutes to take their order instead of ours. Super.

Finally we placed our order.

25 minutes later, it came out wrong.
5 minutes after that, it came out wrong again.
And again.
And again.

After waiting for an hour, and still with no success in ordering an EGG WHITE SCRAMBLE, we called over the manager. He assured us that he put in the correct order. (for the 5th time). And then he vanished.

After another half hour our waitress basically told us that our food was never coming and told us to probably leave because she really didn't know if our egg whites would ever show up from the kitchen. At this point, the restaurant was packed. They couldn't turn a table to save their lives, and we started joking with fellow diners about being stuck like a bunch of hostages.

Unless you are some sort of masochist, avoid The Waffle at all costs.

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  1. i was there too! it was like a POW camp in there with wild chickens running around upstairs!

    i give it -4 stars.

    1. Obviously there's no excuse for your experience. But it's worth noting that The Waffle didn't just open this week, it opened yesterday. So you were there on either their first or second day of business. Though you may choose to never go back, I think others who might be interested should still give them a fair shot -- after a requisite ramping up period.

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        I owned a restaurant and we had a 'soft' opening for a week to work out the glitches. When we had our 'Grand Opening', all went quite smoothly. There is absolutely no exuse for the situation LilZ had, even if it was a soft opening. It doesn't sound like this place has any competent manager or any qualified staff.
        It won't be around long unless they change (drastically).

      2. And just think, they're supposed to be open 24 hours ... so there isn't even a down time for the restaurant to regroup.

        Too bad, Scooter Kafner deserves better than this.

        1. Yikes! Hopefully things flow a lot smoother next weekend when I plan on going.


          1. The original comment has been removed