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Feb 22, 2008 12:04 PM

2 old friends reconnecting - Looking for Resto

Looking for somewhere that has good food, but not pretentious and not rushed. 2 old friends looking to catch up… Any suggestions around central downtown Montreal?

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  1. I think Avesta fits the bill quite nicely. It's a Turkish cafe / resto. They have great food at pretty decent prices (10-15 pp) and they really don't mind if you linger. It might be a little further west than you were thinking though, it's on St. Catherine a few blocks west of Guy.

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      Avesta is good. Never rushed, and sometimes painstakingly slow; but you want to take your time anyway. Have a couple of teas afterwards, and spend the afternoon chatting until you are embarrassed to stay more :)

    2. I've had some miserable experiences, so I'm not sure I feel safe recommending it... but 3 Brasseurs, on occasion, has nice beer, good food and a comfortable-to-linger atmosphere near the McGill or Peel metro. I recommend the pork shank! $13 to eat your fill and then some.

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