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Feb 22, 2008 12:00 PM

silk restaurant, Atlanta, GA

I've heard good things about this place in mid-town Atlanta. Has enyone been there and how was the food,wine and service?

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  1. Well, since nobody has replied about the dining experience, I'll at least tell you about my experience, which was going to a party catered by Silk (two years in a row). The party was held at the Spire condominiums, right across the street, so a couple of servers just carted the food across.

    Overall, I felt like the food was tasty but uninspired. That may have reflected the hostess' desire to stay a little mainstream for a crowd. I am not a big sushi eater, but those in the group who are seemed very happy with the big tray of sushi on hand. There were tiny Kobe steak burgers that I did not think were special in any way. There were a couple of non-memorable minced-meat-and-veg-in-fried-pastry kinds of things. Again, tasted fine and filled one up, but nothing to write home about.

    I hope someone replies about the in-house dining experience. I imagine it's much better!!