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Looking for Korean bbq La Canada/La Crescenta/Pasadena area

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That's about it. Charcoal would be preferred...Thanks Hounds!

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  1. La Crescenta has some Korean population but the only BBQ restaurant I know of is Ka-San, on Foothill near Pennsylvania. It's not charcoal, I don't think. That was the place I had the spiciest thing I've ever eaten (but SO! GOOD!) -- it was a haemul tang, I believe.

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      There's also Daban, but they don't use charcoal either.

      2139 Foothill Blvd
      La Canada Flintridge, CA 91011
      (818) 248-9958

    2. prefer KA-SAN over DABAN for bbq. fyi, no alcohol at KA-SAN. hot pot is what everyone has at DABAN and it's not bad to scratch the itch.