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Feb 22, 2008 11:37 AM

Sfoglia or Allen & Delancey

i think i cant lose - both are impossible to get a table

2 couples who like to dine.

what do you think?

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  1. only been to allen and delancey but aside from some minor service issues, this is a great place with nice front room staff, nice decor, and excellent food that i feel i cant get anywhere else in nyc.

    the raviolo, the terrine are both excellent starters...the cabbage beef and onion is one of the best entrees ive had in some time.

    1. And I've only eaten at Sfoglia but the food is lovely and interesting and the bread some of the best I have ever had. If you go and order wine and want proper wine glasses, btw, just ask.

      1. I have only been to A & D. The atmosphere is IMO a little odd, a little loud, and the chairs a little uncomfortable. But the food is so good I will go back if I can ever get a reservation again. I have heard good things about Sfoglia. I think the food and ambience of these 2 are so different from one another that it is impossible to make a comparison. I would take a look at the menus and see which one appeals to you more, but you will probably have a great meal at either. If you can't get a res at A & D, you might want to consider Bar Blanc. It's also new and trendy, with creative food, but a little easier to reserve.