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Feb 22, 2008 11:26 AM

Anyone Been to Louisiana In Fell's Point lately?

Hi all,

Am considering making reservations to Louisiana for this weekend....have never been there before. Any recommendations? Things that are must-haves? Things to avoid?

I haven't seen any recent reviews on this board so I will be sure to post back with our experience. (If we ever make it. We've cancelled two reservations with them in the last three months....perhaps the third time is the charm?)


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  1. I ate there on Monday for a quiet birthday dinner for 4 people. My previous visit was probably 2 years ago. I tend give places the benefit of the doubt, to a fault even, and I usually focus on the positives when commenting publicly like this. But I would really have a hard time giving you many reasons why you should consider a reservation at Louisianna.

    I remember on the previous visit thinking that it was on the verge of being behind the times, and now two years later I think the place is just. . .tired. It didn't help that there were a total of 6 covers for the entire night, which made the already subdued dining room downright DEAD. But hey, it was a Monday after Valentines weekend, so that's not a big surprise. But I felt like Gordon Ramsay on one of his initial visits in an episode of Kitchen Nightmares where he takes stock of the aging restaurant.

    I guess with any critique of a meal it comes down to value, and the menu offers $9 to $15 starters and $29 to $35 entrees, if memory serves. Less for the gumbo. And most wines in the $40 to $100+ range. This puts the restaurant in pretty lofty company price-wise. But it just doesn't deliver. The main problem we encountered was over-cooked meat. But the bigger sin in my mind was that it was uninspired and unexciting. And for $33, I prefer my entree to have some component or technique that elevates it above my own home cooking. Except for the "apple pie" beignets, it wasn't to be found here.

    The duece in the corner paid with a company expense account credit card. I'm sure they enjoyed their meal more than we did.

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      Went back there a week ago. Our entrees were $24 each, lower than the range given above. Crabcakes were excellent: high proportion of backfin meat, well spiced and not overcooked. Blackened shrimp were hard, which unfortunately is often the case (why do I still order them?), but with some yummy jalapeno grits with beurre blanc. Salad with wine poached pears and blue cheese, while not original, was very good. Bread pudding was completely unmemorable. the place is charming, the service was attentiive without being overbearing, the meal, while a bit pricy, was more pleasant than many. I wish more people went there, as I don't like being one of three tables, even on a Sunday night.

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        I agree with this post. Went back to Louisiana recently after a long hiatus. Seems like the restaurant has barely changed its menu over the last ten years and yes it's a pretty expensive restaurant, and yes there's not really a wow factor but we all enjoyed our meals. The whole experience was pleasant but I don't think I had anything memorable. If I had to recommend anything, I think the meat dishes were better than the fish (although the scallops over risotto were very good).

        I'm glad I went back but I'm not rushing to get back there again.