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Feb 22, 2008 11:24 AM

Fairway Gruyere

I just want everyone to know that Fairway has the best gruyere I've ever had, both for eating and grating. And melting. It is the cave-aged gruyere. They have it already wrapped in the cheese section, near the parmesan chunks.

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  1. haven't tried this particular cheese, but i love the fairway cheese department. i'm obsessed with the tillamook(?) slicing cheddar they have.

    1. Yes, yes. I've been buying far more than I should be lately. And for comparison, I recently bought the significantly more expensive Etivaz Gruyere at Zabar's. Nowhere near as good.

      1. Completely agree. I've bought all the kinds they have (I think there are usually 3) and the cave aged is awesome. It works wonderfully in souffle.

        qwertyu -- we are obsessed with the tillamook also. I think we have grilled cheese with it (on rye with tomato) once per week. We never get more than 2 sandwiches out of the 1/2 lb because we end up snacking on the rest of it. Oh, and it's great with apples too.

        1. Thanks. I love tips like this one. I will be making a trip this weekend to Fairway. Being 1/2 French, I was raised on Gruyere (souffles, potato gratin) and love the nuttyness of it. More people need to be introduced to this fabulous tasting cheese.