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Jan 28, 2002 10:22 AM

just had to try the thai american burger

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It was friday night, stuck in traffic along the 10, I decided to get off and drive through the streets to my home in silverlake. Feeling my stomach grumbling I started looking for a place to eat. I pulled up to the Thai-American Cafe remembering the rantings of many about the burger here. I ordered a giant cheeseburger called "The Works." It included wonderful grilled onions and mushrooms which were cooked with some spices, they were soft and caramalized yet not greasy. The toasted sesame seed bun had that soft warm interior and the slightly crispy exterior that gave in with each bite. The patty was hand patted from a mound of ground beef; It was an inch thick, tasted of glorious beef and not gristle and was very juicy. I had ordered it well done as it was my first time here and i was glad to see that it was cooked exactly to the point and not overdone. Along with this came some crispy lettuce and tomato. The thing had mayonnaise as the spread. The price for the burger was $5.95. While "the best" burger i believe is subjective, this is certainly one of the great ones. FYI...dont order the thai food..i made the mistake of ordering an appetizer and was dissapointed. Go for the BURGER!

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  1. For dinner, you can order the Hamburger Platter which comes with a very fresh salad and house dressing (spicy & sweet) to start. The platter comes with fries (fresh made to order) and all the trimmings as mentioned above including bacon. IMHO the secret to this burgers success is the freshness of the ingredients and that "seasoning" on the onions and mushrooms--nothing like it.

    1. you've gotta try the fries too!

      these are fresh homemade fries - eat them while hot and they're the best thing imaginable ....

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        Mrs. Marshall

        Agree! One if not the best burger ever! And ditto on the fresh french fries! We ask for and get the Burger Platter for lunch too.

        But I have to disagree about the Thai food - we've ordered several dishes: two curries and one with wide flat noodles and shrimp (names escape me) and they were more than passable. I'd say if some people want "The Beef" and some people don't - this is a great place to eat. And reasonable and friendly too!