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Feb 22, 2008 10:52 AM

Frozen Pantry and Foodsaver

We've been having a great time with our new holiday purchases of an extra freezer that we keep in the garage and a foodsaver. The freezer has now become filled with vacuum packed chili, chicken curry, stuffed cabbage, chicken paprikas, etc. that I have cooked and sealed. It's been great to decide, once we're home in the evening, what we'd like to eat. No more defrosting earlier in the day, only to have nice plans with other people pop up....... and leave the defrosted food to remain uneaten. Plus, and I found this hard to believe, the food (bag dropped into boiling water) is as delicious as when it was cooked fresh. We had a great curry evening last night, with little bowls of peanuts, raisins and chutney. A fine meal for a Thursday night, with barely any effort. I'm very pleased with this new arrangement. It's very satisfying to look at the freezer filled with goodness.

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  1. Speaking of freezing, and I am with all the way on this--I thought you might like my blog today titled: freezer issues

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      Thanks, fayehess! I really enjoyed reading it. And, thanks to you, those grape tomatoes that have been on the counter all week...... they're going in. It's a fun habit to develop.

    2. could you tell me more about your foodserver? Do you need special bags? Was it an expensive investement? What brand do you have? Thanks!

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        The brand I bought is actually called Foodsaver. I got it at Linens-N-Things. (I'm not a Costco member.....that seems to be a good place to get them). I got the 2nd largest size, and with advice from this board, keep it out on the counter. No hassle to use. It cost a little over $100. Yes, you need to get special bags... I actually get the roll, and make bags, which is incredibly easy. They are available at LinensNT, Bed Bath and Beyond, Costco and on line.

      2. glad you love your foodsaver. the foodsaver has been fantastic in casa jfood. stuffed cabbage and an Ina meatloaf have been on the to-do list for a few weekends and hopefully will get to the top.

        after a really crappo day in the office, there is that desire for some good comfort food, and the freezer has all kinds of choices. Italian, chicken, Indian. Now jfood reads cookbooksa and wonders if what he wants to make (usually serves 4 but jfood only needs 2) will freeze well.

        Jfood did try to freeze chocolate cakes after freezing slices on a sheet and now mrs jfood asks for a piece of "ugly cake".

        It has been a great addition in casa jfood.

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          Do you freeze fish? Any tips on fish, or other foods that you've learned along the way? I've been freezing the stews and such in Glad containers, then popping them out, and vacuuming/sealing. That has all worked very well.

        2. O.K.----Stupid Question!!! We have the extra freezer AND the Foodsaver, but I always assumed stuff had to be defrosted (hitting myself on side of head with palm of hand). How does it go from freezer to dinner skipping that step?

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            Either place the bag in boiling water or in the microwave. Works like a charm.

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              When freezing things like Indian food (which is why I got the foodsaver), do you freeze it in the foodsaver bags first or in some other container and then transfer it to a foodsaver roll and make a bag and seal? I just got this thing and am wondering which is the best way to do this. Thanks!

              1. re: gastricvilli

                I just saw your post now. Freeze in a container.....pop out and then vacuum seal. Enjoy!

                1. re: onefineleo

                  I do it the other way. I put stuff in the bag, put paper clips on it and freeze standing up in another container in the freezer, then vacuum-seal.

                  May give your way a try.

                  1. re: karykat

                    Or the other alternative - get the jar sealer attachments. Seal the stuff right in the jars and drop them right in the freezer.

          2. I love mine and have a freezer-ful of good choices too. Great for times when I get busier and don't want to cook. We have stews and all kinds of braised meats frozen. The one thing I didn't realize before I got mine was that the food needs to be frozen before you vacuum it. (That's so the liquid isn't aspirated into the machine by the vacuum.) But it's not a big deal, just an extra step. And you don't need to freeze if you get the bigger machine that accommodates cannisters and other containers, and not just bags. I did get that model, but still use the bags. By the way, you can re-use the bags if you make them big enough. I just like people to know about the pre-freezing step before they buy.