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Feb 22, 2008 10:42 AM

Best Caterers in Wilmington NC?

Seeking opinions/advice/ideas for a party I am planning, with about 80-100 guests, for buffet dinner and dancing. Am in the process of researching venues and caterers. Looking for a cool funky space... Anyone know of anyplace out-of-the-ordinary that might be available for rent? Am especially intersted people's recommendation of area caterers or restaurants that can host such events like Caffe Phoenix or their new sister restaurant Union (?) on Market at the river, or Yosake/The Balcony on Dock, etc. Do you know anything about these places, or have you been to any events or parties that have impressed you with good food, etc.? Many thanks in advance!

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  1. As for venues, you really should check out Lily's Banquet Room. It's really a nice space. It doesn't look like much from the outside, and it's on an area of Market Street that might make you go "hmmm", but it's really very lovely inside.

    Another nice venue is St. Thomas Preservation Hall in downtown Wilmington. Old brick building, cool windows, big interior - I've been to several functions there.
    St. Thomas Preservation Hall
    208 Dock St., Wilmington
    (910) 763-4054

    As far as caterers, I know that Angie's always does a nice job - good food, great service, reasonable prices. She's done some catering for a few things I've been to.
    Angela Tsingelis
    853 South 17th Street
    Wilmington, NC 28401

    I'm not familiar with many other caterers, but I'm sure others can give you some guidance there.

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      I love St.Thomas Preservation Hall. It's in a pretty area of town and the inside is gorgeous. Been to a wedding there and loved it.

      Also have heard great things about the 3rd floor at Yo Sake. I have always loved their food and drinks (try the Pomegrante Ginger Mojito when you go take a look at the 3rd floor).

    2. Beth at Coriander's in Hampstead does a great job and so does Lottie at A Southern Thyme in Wilmington. They are both very good at catering but the do not have a space. If you picked the preservation Hall or Bellamy Mansion I would go with either of them.

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        1. Jerry's at Wrightsville Beach caters and their food has always been good

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