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Feb 22, 2008 10:41 AM

4 Nights in Downtown Dallas

I will be staying in the Downtown Hyatt (I think it has the lighted ball on the tower) for 4 nights. Please provide some suggestions for some good expense account dining. Walking distance or a short cab ride from the hotel would be preferable. Thank you for your suggestion. Cheers.

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  1. "Expense Account Dining"!!!

    What a wonderful phrase!!

    If you're looking for some damn good steak with a lot of glitzy flash, go to N9NE Steakhouse. I thought the Parmesan Crusted Mashed Potatoes were pretty tasty and the steak is excellent. As a Dallasite, it's not my choice of steakhouse, but as a visitor, you can't go wrong.

    Stephen Pyles' eponymous restaurant is perty danged good. Make sure you get the 8 ceviche sampler. It is AWESOME. End of story.

    A little south is Hattie's in Bishop Arts District. Really great, but I don't know if it's expensive enough to truly be considered "expense account dining".

    My favorite sushi spot in town is Tei-Tei. It's about a 10 minute taxi ride from the Hyatt. Great scene, fabulous food (get the Yellow Tail Collar, the Miso Black Cod, the Red Miso Seafood Soup and the Uni) and it's right in the middle of the Henderson strip, so you can walk to The Old Monk (great pub) when you're done gorging.

    There are others, but that would be a hell of a 4 night stay. You get to see Oak Cliff (Hattie's), Downtown (Stephen Pyles), Victory (N9NE) and Henderson (Tei-Tei).

    Have fun!

    1. couple of places in the central business district, not more than a mile or two away:

      Dallas Fish Market, a really-nice seafood place that's homegrown with a young chef trying to do interesting things

      and the new Charlie Palmer at the Joule that just opened, beautiful room, just written up here on chowhound:

      in Victory Park, in addition to the N9NE previously mentioned there is also Nove Italian-American and Craft, in the W Hotel

      1. What kind of per diem do you have? Or is it an "anything goes" kind of expense account? The suggestions so far are great. But, I guess it kind of depends on how much you're going to be spending...

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          Well, I won't be buying a $1000 bottle of wine, but $75 for a 3 course meal and an iced tea is acceptable. I will gladly pay less for great food.

        2. I agree with most of these recs, but not Dallas Fish Market. We went there Saturday, before the Bpb Dylan concert, and while the food was very good, the service was terrible -- so bad that the manager gave us a card for a free bottle of wine (which we likely will never use, as I see no reason to return).

          I would add Local to the list of places you should try. It's in Deep Ellum, a short ride from your hotel, and one pf our favorite places -- really top-notch food, but with a more casual, cool atmosphere than, say, Stephen Pyles or Lola (both of which are great). Also about a 10-15 minute cab ride away is York Street, which is fantastic -- very small, in an obscure little building, but just has great food and wine.

          Enjoy your visit.

          1. Well, it's not pricey, but maybe you can expense the cab ride to Fuel City for some picadillo and pastor tacos at any hour. I plan my cross-country drives on a stop there.