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Feb 22, 2008 10:18 AM

Former ATL resident wants to Bachanalia

still good? Is it worth a return visit.

I've not been there since the Olympics, but PRIOR to that, it was a favorite of ours...

If not there, I'd welcome other suggestions.

Focus is on good food/good wine. Interesting and new cuisine is always being sought out.....

We'll be there next weekend.

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  1. Just as good as ever, in my opinion. I've never had a disappointing experience there. I liked the atmosphere better when they were still in Buckhead, but the new space is nice, too. Don't forget to check out their aging/curing room behind the Star Provisions cash register when you come in.

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      Yeah, that little house on Piedmont was nice space......

    2. Just as excellent or better. don't miss it for sure

      1. It is still great! Service and food are still outstanding.
        Restaurant Eugene is an excellent option also. I have had great experiences there also.

        1. Bacchanalia is as good as it always was...if not better. If you have the time, the budget, and the desire to experience Bacchanalia on steroids, try Quinones Room. A more Southern influenced, more lavish yet subdued - and more expensive - restaurant owned by the same people. You can see a sample menu at