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Fried Chicken

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Anyone know of a good place to get southern fried chicken in NY? My friends and I would be willing to go to any borough for a wing or breast of crispy, succulent goodness. Thanks and happy eating this weekend, hounds!

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  1. I'm not a great afficianado of fried chicken, but I like it at Maroons.

    1. Piece of Chicken (take-out only), 45th just east of 9th.

      1. Pies-n-Thighs in W'burg. That's all you need to know. They'll have you covered for anything that involves raising your cholesterol.

        Sadly, they're temporarily closed (moving to a new location). Keep your eyes open for a re-opening this summer.

        1. Cosign on Pies-n-Thighs!

          I also like 5-Spot in Fort Greene, more for the whole selection of Southern Food also Ruth's Soul Food also on Myrtle in Fort Greene/Clinton Hill area.
          but PnT's is a really good look especially becuz it's a made to order type joint.
          You have to wait for it but its worth it.
          Where is it going to move to?

          this link still works but its from 2003 NY magazine's best of 2003 Fried Chicken list.
          some places may or may not exist anymore, Maroon's is mentioned first.


          1. egg in wburg is good, so is clinton baking co.'s. chatnchew has a very big fried chix, but maybe not the best. had a very nice fried chicken platter at jane tavern in west village, a bit unexpected, but excellent. and sadly pies n thighs is no more (at least for now); that was the last place I had fried chicken so at least I ended on a good note.

            somce other choices here (not necessarily southern-style):


            1. i totally agree that when pies n thighs reopens you will enjoy some truly delicious fried chicken.

              until then, and even after, if you don't mind the trek i recommend heading to the upper realms of the island to 151st. there in harlem you'll find charles' southern style kitchen. yummy soul food galore including some very tasty fried chicken!

              1. Fried Chicken perfectionist - here are my top 3

                Blue Ribbon American 97 Sullivan St

                Forte Baden Baden 28 W 32nd st _ upstairs

                Amy Ruth's 113 w 116th St

                1. My fave is Charles Southern Style Kitchen. Located in a not-yet-gentrified section of Harlem, the place is very simple, somewhat divey, and yet the staff are very warm and gracious. All you can eat lunch buffet is about $11, dinner about $13.

                  If you like collard greens, theirs are to die for (they add smoked turkey to it) and their candied yams also excellent!


                  What I like to do is make a Harlem day out of it. First I'll go check out Marjorie Elliot's free parlour jazz concert held in her apartment every single Sunday at 4:00p. It's like going to church...such a joyful experience! This is a one-of-a-kind only in NYC experience.


                  http://www.parlorentertainment.com/ (give it a minute for the video to appear


                  Then after that, I walk the 10 minutes or so to Charles' to finish up the day!

                  1. Miss Maudes Spoonbread Too--- Lenox bet 137th and 138th