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Feb 22, 2008 09:58 AM

Carnival Sherman Oaks

I'd like to try it tonight for dinner, any standouts or anything to avoid?? Thanks!

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  1. This place has really good down home lebanese food. Dont expect a gourmet meal, but think of the food that you would get if you went to a lebanese friends house. The lamb chops are good with fries, as is pretty much everything else.

    1. most of their items are really good. hummos, baba ghanoush, falafel, shwarma. expect huge portions.

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        1. re: Fru

          I always get the skewered chicken and baba ghanoush

          1. re: mar52

            Me too! Skewered chicken (always juicy, never charred or dry) and baba ghanoush. Their baba ghanoush is nicely smoky and very addictive. The last couple times, my husband and I split their "Carnival Combination" which comes with one skewer of chicken, one skewer of kefta, and one skewer of lamb cubes, plus soup or salad, plus rice or fries. That one dinner, plus adding on a bowl of their delicious lentil soup for me while my husband has the salad, is more than enough food for the two of us. Their fries appear to be hand cut as they are quite uneven in size and shape, but they need to be ordered well done. The rice is very good too. Service can be leisurely, or not.

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              Recently, a friend of mine and I also split the combo, yet the results were quite different: everything seemed moderately dried out. However, the baba was its usual wonderfulness and everything went well with the syrah I brought. In fact, she has been going there seemingly forever, and was surprised that the entree was not as good as previous visits.
              But we just kept on talking, paid the bill, and left:
              $22 each including corkage!

      1. I stumbled across Carnival this afternoon for a quick lunch. It was there, the hot dog place in the same center or Bronco Mexican Food at the corner of Woodman & Moorpark. Called my cousin who lives in Sherman Oaks and on her recommendation I am so glad I chose Carnival. The Carnival Combo is excellent, rice was so flavorful, meats were tender & juicy, the kefta, well, I need to make a meal just out of the kefta.

        And, the pre-meal garnish of olives and pickled turnip? Excellent touch. I live in PS and will get back to Carnival whenever I am back in the Valley.

        1. I've been going to Carnival since I was a kid, it's delicious. I haven't tried everything, but the kafta kabob is good, chicken is good as well. The falafels are great!

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          1. re: 48pinups

            The chicken is always really moist.

            Parents *love* the hummus and tabbouleh.

          2. The "hummus meat" is a standout dish. It's a rich hummus covered with deeply seasoned lamb, olive oil and paprika. I get it nearly every time I eat there.

            I liked the lentil soup the one time I ordered it. The kanafeh dessert is wonderful.