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Feb 22, 2008 09:54 AM

What are your favorites at Fiesta?

I'm about to make another trip (I'm north of the city so I don't go as often as I'd like) and am looking for some new things to try. In addition to the standards (bread, masa, etc) I'm going to pick up some lard, tizano salsa, toffee crisp bars (mmm!) and look for the guanciale mentioned in another thread.

What else do you recommend?

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  1. I heard a Fiesta is opening in Georgetown...anyone else catch wind of this?

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    1. re: danoc

      I believe they are taking over some of the old Albertson's locations; the one at Stassney(?) and I-35 is now a Fiesta.

      I get my HP sauce there, among many other things.

      1. re: mkwng

        There is an empty Albertson's in Georgetown...fingers crossed

        1. re: danoc

          A Fiesta in Georgetown would be a dream come true. Add a Central Market somewhere in the area (RR perhaps), a My Thanh grocery store, Trader Joe's, Aldi, and Penzey's, and life would be complete.

          1. re: sweetbasil

            and also Costco...According to their employees, they are planning a new store between Round Rock and Georgetown. Rumor?

            1. re: sweetbasil

              sweetbasil, your post is right up my alley. I've written to both Penzey's and Trader Joe's several times over the years to ask them to open stores in Austin. I'd especially love a Trader Joe's, though.


              1. re: angusb

                I've sent TJ's several emails, too! I thought I was the only one that nutty....!!!

      2. Anything from the International Aisles! I buy all my Asian ingredients over there. They have great prices on sesame oil, rice wine vinegar, etc. Also, buy empanada shells, queso fresco, chorizo, etc. I love that place!

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        1. re: Aggiegirl1998

          I like being able to pick up fresh epazote, banana leaf, yerba buena, and other produce oriented things that i can't get anywhere else. And achiote paste.....

          1. re: rudeboy

            Great suggestions! Adding all of these to my list. Especially looking forward to the fresh epazote -- don't know why I never thought of it before. I'm always so interested in all the fun produce that sometimes I miss the "regular" stuff. We were excited to pick up a cherimoya one time.

        2. I love the pumpkin empanadas from their bakery. Check if they have sour oranges in produce, and you can make some good mojo sauce.

          I also think they have a good supply of Gulf shrimp: if you get some head-on, you can make a great stock and gumbo. They also have very fresh catfish (it's still swimming in tanks behind the counter). Generally, the popular seafood/fish is very fresh because they have a very high turnover, and very reasonably priced. Some of the more exotic offerings (actually, think opposite of exotic: stuff you'd find mentioned in Western/European dishes) doesn't always move as quickly.

          In the Hispanic food aisles (where they keep all the Goya stuff, near the awesome international aisles), seek out some Spanish-style dried and smoked chorizo. I have trouble finding this elsewhere, especially at a fair price. The Goya brand is pretty good, and they now carry a Spanish brand whose name I forget, but it's also good.

          Masa is available at every HEB and Wal-Mart I've been to here in Austin, as is lard, fwiw.

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          1. re: renz

            I've only seen hydrogenated lard at HEB & Walmart -- have you had better luck? I am really, REALLY excited about the smoked chorizo. I just love Spanish food. Thanks!!!

            And on a tangent, IMHO the BEST part of any Fiesta trip is a large elote and a snow cone.

            1. re: renz

              A lot of places are now carrying the Palacios brand of chorizo. I love the hot version in the 12" links. Much better than the Goya brand.

              Anchovy stuffed olives are always a staple, as well. The shrimp is hot or miss - I've been underwhelmed a coupe times. This week they have pork loin on sale for $.99/lb, so that would be worthwhile.

            2. Last time I went they had a large selection of yerba mate for a fraction of the Whole Foods price, if you're interested.

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              1. re: renz

                Got some of that last time. The jury's still out - I'm just not sure if I like it or not. Is it an acquired taste? Or do you just get hooked on the energy buzz?

              2. We went there for the first time yesterday. We had to buy a duffle bag to take back everything I bought to take back to Maine! My faves were the charque, dried chorizo and the torteria.
                Our flights were canceled this a.m. and we've had another glorious day in Austin!