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Feb 22, 2008 09:47 AM

Bombay Bistro Pas Deux (MSP) WTF?

As I was strolling through the Medical Arts building today, I stumbled upon a second (and much larger) space for the Bombay Bistro. It's less than a block away from the original which is on Marquette btwn 8th and the same city block.) I think this was a pizza joint in its previous incarnation, but feel free to correct me if I'm mistaken.

The new space is expansive with 3 different rooms and 2 entirely different buffets. The front room contains seating plus a Southern Indian Buffet...a selection of at least 4 different types of fresh baked breads (including idly, dosai and some little donut-shaped thingy), as well as about 4 different spicy vegetarian curries, a few soups and some desserts.

The room straight in the back has a few fireplaces and is home to a slightly less extensive Northern Indian buffet (tandoori chicken, about 4 curries including veggie, beef, chicken, lamb) as well as lemon rice, and gulub jaman and rice pudding for dessert.

The third room is overflow seating / banquet space with a huge TV and seating for about 40 people.

There were honestly too many dishes to try in one visit, but what I had was VG by local Indian Buffet standards. The cost was $10.50 if you chose just one of the buffets, $11 for both. I'm not certain if they offer an ala carte menu during lunch. On the way back to the office I walked by the original location just to see if they were still open...they are, and they still have the Northern Indian buffet over lunch. I imagine the original one will close eventually.

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  1. I ran by it last month as I was walking through the Medical Arts Building and, quite frankly, figured that it was connected to the dining room that faces Marquette. I didn't realize that the rooms were completely separated. (Perhaps there's a common kitchen.)

    I've only eaten on the Marquette side, but I agree that the buffet is good and their evening menu is solid as well.

    At the times I've eaten the lunch buffet, they've been overflowing. Who knows, perhaps their traffic can support both rooms.