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Jan 27, 2002 10:43 PM

The Parisian Room

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Caffe Figaro's old location in West Hollywood has been cleverly converted from a somewhat funky 60's coffee house/cafe to a very comfortable and surprisingly elegant French restaurant. The bones of the old place are still visible beneath the paint, good art on the walls, and subdued lighting. The menu is several steps up from the ubiquitous brasserie selections featured by most of the current crop of local Frenchies. It is also comfortably venturesome, but quite well thought out and executed by a deft and creative hand in the kitchen. The food is uniformly excellent, nicely served by a wait staff that seems totally legit in welcoming you to a good meal and, best of all, reasonably priced. Good wine list and splendid ambience. Friends took us and it was great. We'll go back again soon and I am happy to give this place a high and sincere recommendation.

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  1. Well I do love authentic french bistro food, which is hard to find in L.A. The only french bistro I have ever consistently liked in L.A. has been Mimosa, but I have never been to the newly revamped Cafe Figaro.

    However, I have to mention that your praise for the place sounds like an advertisement. You mention the menu is several steps up from other french places in town, yet you don't mention any examples of dishes on the menu. The same goes for your recent meal. All the dishes were good according to you, but not one particular dish is mentioned. A little more specific and less vague critique of the menu would be more helpful and appreciated.

    1. What's the noise level like?