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Feb 22, 2008 09:46 AM

Finding something new in San Diego for Birthday

My girlfriend is taking me out to dinner for my birthday and she wants to try something different. I am more than happy to go to the linkery and have some delicious pork belly confit, but we go there a couple times a month. Just for some background, we've tend to rotate Cafe Chole, the Linkery, Jaynes Gastropub and other neighborhood central San Diego restaurants when we go out. Don't want to travel to far afield from central San Diego, because it will be on a thursday night. Any ideas?

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  1. If you haven't tried Urban Solace, it's worth a visit. It looks like, from the restaurants you listed, there's a good chance you have tried it. Figured I'd throw it out there anyway.

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      yeah been to urban solace a couple of times and really enjoy the place. sad to see the watermelon salad off the menu though, then again it is February.

      1. re: hctrimmer

        I was too - but yes, it is February. Hopefully it will come back.

    2. You should go to The Better Half. One of the best restaurants in SD and has also a fantastic pork belly appetizer. (BTW, we seem to have the same rotation as you have)

      1. How about Starlite? We also frequent those same places, and we really liked it. If you're up for a short drive, we also like Blanca in Solana Beach. They have recently lowered their prices -

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        1. re: Alice Q

          Alice Q, I'm not sure if Blanca is truly a "short drive" from central SD. It's easily a 20+ minute ride north in traffic up the 5 from UTC. :-)

        2. you might want to consider avenue 5, too. we had a very good dinner there about 6 weeks ago. it's a nicely designed space, also.

          1. there is also Laurels which has had some up and down posts.. I havent been there for awhile so you should check comments.. But it would be birthday worthy if the food was still up to snuff. Kensington Grill?

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              Or Chive (same group) - I actually like it better than Laurel or KG though.