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Feb 22, 2008 08:55 AM

Need Recs in Charleston for NYC Babymoon Couple

Hi gang....preggers wife and I are headed to Charleston for a pre-baby vacation. We love the NYC food scene so would be interested in hearing the boards recommendations on good places in Charleston. We are staying at the French Quarter Inn, so would love thoughts on Tristan. Lunch and Brunch suggestions are welcomed as well.


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  1. I would definitely recommend searching the board. There have been a ton of recent threads on all kinds of different restaurants in Charleston. Welcome to the South!

    1. Hey Gramercy:

      I just posted a topic, then I read yours. The hubs and I are headed to Charleston too. We are from Philadelphia. Going in April. Have you gotten any good leads?

      1. SNOB
        Peninsula Grill
        Jestine's Kitchen (I eat there at least once a week)
        Poogan's Porch (Sunday Brunch or don't bother)

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        1. re: BlueHerons

          I just checked out the menus for SNOB and Peninsula Grill. Thank you!!!

        2. I have been to Tristan for lunch, and I cannot recommend it enough. I would think they are at least as good for dinner, and I have also heard they do a good brunch. You don't mention if you are going to have a car or not so I will limit my responses to places within walking distance from your hotel. Cru Cafe, McCrady's, SNOB, FIG, Hank's, Charleston Grill and Peninsula Grill.