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Feb 22, 2008 08:38 AM

Exotic, Fun, Casual Spot for 21st Birthday Dinner?

Hi, I'm looking for a fun place with great food in Boston/Cambridge to celebrate a friend's 21st birthday dinner with ~10 people... It should have a casual, festive atmosphere and be $20 or less per person? Brown Sugar is nice, but I've been too many times and I want to try something exciting and different like Kaze ...or live music...or comedy...or anything else you can think of! An unforgettably good time is all I ask :) Thanks Chowhounds!

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  1. Cuchi-Cuchi in Cambridge. They've got a funky, fun vibe.

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      I think Cuchi Cuchi it tough for $20 pp. Does the $20 include drinks?

    2. Penang or Aneka Rasa should fit the bill.

      1. Take a look at Dali for dinner and Improv Boston after dinner.

        Dali has good tapas and a fun atmosphere. It's possible to keep costs reasonable depending on how many tapas you get. Be sure to tell them it's a birthday.

        Improv is a short drive to Inman. Let us know how it goes.

        1. addis red sea for ethopian food. it is an experience to eat with your hands. keeping the price under $20 pp will be easy.

          old stand-by pho republique on washington st in the south end. great atmosphere and has good food.

          the above rec for penang is good too. the more adventurous in your party can try the frog legs.

          none of those places have comedy or entertainment... you could always grab dinner in the north end and go to the improv asylum. that seems like a very 21-year old evening (not that i remember that far back!).