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Feb 22, 2008 08:36 AM

Oscar's Red Carpet -- fingerfoods

I'm throwing a little soiree this Sunday and was planning on serving a few tasty bits. I'm hoping to get some tips on the things I've planned, and am certainly open for suggestions!!

So far, I've got the following ideas:

Mini lamb meatballs, maybe with a little feta-filling -- if the meatballs don't end up too small for that; served with a yogurt garlic sauce

Spicy shrimp patties/balls (would I need egg yolk or whites to keep them together?) -- they'd have crushed peanuts in them, so I'd hate for them to just disintegrate in the pan....

Some kind of goat cheese concoction (either w/walnuts, or some fig jam, or a combo) with crackers

White bean dip (never made it -- any favorite recipes???)

Toast squares with tuna salad

Last but not least -- thinking of making deviled eggs. But they'd have to be *special*... something interesting...

It's important that people don't have to use cutlery, or plates. Everything should be edible with just your hands, and perhaps a napkin.

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  1. Sounds good! I had some crab deviled eggs at Jar (L.A. restaurant) that were delicious and definitely special! I don't have a recipe unfortunately, but they were very similar to regular deviled eggs with the addition of crab and a hint of spice which cut through the richness nicely. Have fun!