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Feb 22, 2008 08:27 AM

Young college students looking for fun cheap eats

My daughter who is a freshman in college is coming home with some girlfriends for a Philly weekend. They're not drinkers, but are looking for someplace fun with cheap eats. I thought Silk City and maybe Yakitori Boy, but I want to steer clear of places that put an emphasis on booze. All suggetions are welcome. Thanks

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  1. where are you looking?( what area)

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    1. I have enjoyed Almaz Cafe (20th near Samson & Walnut). It's a little coffee shop that also sells great Ethiopian food. They don't serve alcohol, but make some pretty good smoothies. I recommended it to my brother who is a non-drinking college student and he goes there all the time.

      1. Just ate at "full plate" at the northern liberties walk. I was surprised by how cheap and good everything was. For 4 people we spent a total of $55, and we walked out totally stuffed.

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          there's a thread going on the neighborhood message board, , about a full plate. it really does often get overlooked. it's good ole down home cooking, with a lot of vege/vegan options. i go often in the warm months... there's a mini-pitcher of iced tea with a mint sprig, and a fried green tomato/fresh moz salad that just scream 'summer.'
          i agree it would be a great place for some non-drinking college-aged kids. while it's a BYO i don't often see people bring alcohol there. and i know college kids would definitely enjoy the neighborhood. there are some great coffee shops around for pre or post non-alcoholic drinks... i think higher grounds on 3rd and elixir on 2nd (right around the corner from a full plate) are both open late-ish.