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Feb 22, 2008 08:23 AM

Taste of Italy in Springhouse - Muffaletta

I love this little place in Springhouse for lunch and they get their bread brought in from Brooklyn.

Anyway, it being the season they've added muffalettas to the sandwich menu. I'm telling you, this sandwich is awesome!

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  1. Hooray! I've been looking for a good muffaletta and I never even thought to try this place... for anything. Thanks for the rec, I'll have to try it.

    1. Cool - will have to try it! Thanks for the heads-up!

      I love TOI and actually had them cater my wedding 5yrs ago... they make the best sandwiches. And their baked goods are to die for, I think they bring them in from Bklyn too.

      They have NY bagels, too...

      1. They have a store in Douglasville too - the roast pork and broccoli rabe sandwich and homemade soppresata is a must! And the people who run it there are very very nice...

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          I hardly ever post, but I just wanted to second the Douglassville location. I live nearly within walking distance and everyone there has always been as nice and helpful as can be. Best fresh mozzarella I have found in the area, and their semolina bread is quite nice. It's a nice place to have close by in an otherwise depressing area for finding interesting foods in my opinion.

        2. I used to go in there all the time (I like the way the sign says "A" Taste of Italy.) for a Walt's special, which was the hot sausage and broccoli rabe. The bread was what made it. Moved away now so it's not worth the trip, esp. since Domenico is no longer there.

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            way to revive this thread. I second the notion that since Dominic has left, so has the heart of the Spring House location...cheers!

            1. re: IamStarving

              When was Dominic still there?

              I began going there 7 or so years ago.