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Dunn's Loft in Stamford?

Has anyone tried it? It's the relatively new steakhouse above Ocean 211.

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  1. Yes it is really good... but changing hands soon, so go in the next few weeks.

      1. re: whitemist

        what? closed? how can that be? are you SURE?

        closed for lunch maybe? closed because it's Monday?

        1. re: whitemist

          DL told jfood they would be open for another 4-6 weeks, other than any temporary situations, and then they are opening a family style resto in Georgetown.

          1. re: jfood

            Nooooooooooooo it's not closed!

            I went there last night! (Feb 25.) It was very good as usual!

            1. re: Stamford Talk


              4-6 weeks til closing was jfood's post. sorry for the confusion.

          2. re: amanda3571

            i heard a local is taking over the place- the old manager of grand.

            1. re: phoodrider

              To open what now? Didn't even hear of Dunn's Loft, why so quickly here and gone?

              1. re: nbermas

                FD Rich has bought a lot of the entire block up. I heard Ocean 211 and Dunn's closed or are closing, as is Hacienda and the Chinese place there (neither a loss, and probably an overall improvement, IMHO). Also heard Zinc is out, and Barcelona opening a brand there. Lot's of news floating around, much of it true, but exactly how and when the area evolves is a bit up in the air...Rich has said they are land banking the real estate for eventual development, but that wouldn't necessarily explain all the turnover and closings. Hard to say what the plan is, or if there is one at this point.

                1. re: ChefBoyAreMe

                  Supposedly Robert Dunn the owner of 211 and Dunns Loft got tired of the commute to his home near Georgetown at 3 am in the morning and is setting up a new resto close by.

                  Or that's the cover story.

                  1. re: louuuuu

                    How much do you need in life like fd rich? Why can't the little just just be and have a happy life also. We need small family owned eateries with grandma sometimes in the kitchen helping and showing them the right way to cook. Not like all the fancy little portions of what?

                    1. re: nbermas

                      Well, I suppose there is opportunity for them, too, but downtown Stamford is becoming prime RE with all the investment banks, etc. The type of places you describe would probably do better in a bit more low-key environment, anyway. Don't get me wrong, I'd love more of them, too, but have no illusions that they'd be on Summer Street any more.

                      1. re: ChefBoyAreMe

                        It makes me very sad because we aren't what we used to be, I love low key, maybe some great RE investors will be thinking the way i am and just give in that it is better to be nicer to the little guy because you will be rewarded in a kinder way.

              2. re: phoodrider

                I am glad (from the sounds of things, phoodrider) that Ocean won't be closing. It's a pretty and interesting space, and through both owners (I can't remember the names of the couple who owned it before Dunn) I've found it an enjoyable place for either a full meal or a drink at the bar.

                1. re: wookiedoodle

                  I have followed the future owner around for the last few years, she is really one of the best in the business (in this area) cant remember her name its unique, but she was in westchester for a few years and now is coming back to downtown-just what the area needs

                  1. re: phoodrider

                    what makes her one of the best in the business??? i would love to know what makes one, one of the best in the business.

                  2. re: wookiedoodle

                    On another blog, Robert Dunn confirms the sale did not go through. So for the nonce, both restos remain open. For how long, he says, he doesn't know.

                    However, he does shed a little light on the impact of all the new restaurants on Summer and all of downtown... and an insight on why he claimed he was selling to be closer to home.

                    Duff speaks of a pie about twelve blocks big suddenly dvided with 75-80 slices to it. (and more coming, I might add) He urges patrons who have been drawn to the chains in the mall and other places, to support local faves... implying they will otherwise disappear.

                    To lose this quality steak and seafood duo (pun intended) would be a real deficit to Stamford Food Scene. I, for one, am making a reservation today.

                    Otherwise the Summer/Main "T" will be shuttered like the west side of Bedford. Two restos closed in the past couple of weeks. Others that promised opening, laying fallow.

                    And btw, Dunns steak is fabulous. And so, too, the live music on weekend nights. It's in a Town House, not the Town Center.

                    1. re: louuuuu

                      Positively confirmed last night, by owner, in person. Last night of operation for O211/Dunn's is 4/24.

                        1. re: amanda3571

                          Not sure it was sale related...FD RICH owns across the street, but the owner basically said he was pulling out, no matter what...opening a new place in G-Town. The space is going dark...no plans in the works. He's also going to be somewhat less involved...O211 was his first, a labor of love, and a bit of an obsession. He's working o an acting role in a series, and wants the new place to be more of a place to hang out, and going forward, may become more of a restaurant "opener" than "operator", getting them going, and selling off. Having said that, is taking the kitchen crew with him to G-Town, and wants whatever he does to still be delicious.

                          1. re: ChefBoyAreMe

                            PS, the Barcelona in Zinc space rumor is just that...rumor. Owners decided that a Stamford location would cannibalize Greenwich and Norwalk too much, and took a pass. No plans at this point for the space, aside from FDRich, who owns the entire side of the street from the theater up to the corner eventually demo-ing and building something

                          1. re: louuuuu

                            Lou, I saw Robert's post on the blog too - I'm questioning if it really was him?

                            1. re: amanda3571

                              Yeah, it was him. Confirmed!
                              I'll definitely try to get back there this month.

              3. Maroya, we've emailed you about this, so please check your email.

                1. Going to Dunn's tonight - can not wait....I HATE to ask but I know this is a manly joint. Do they have TV's upstairs so I can keep an eye on the score of the Yankee game tonight?

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                  1. re: amanda3571

                    It's weird, I can't remember if they do. I want to say no. Usually I am pretty distracted by sports on TV, so I'd remember if Dunn's had one.
                    Sports on TV = bad if trying to pay attention to who you're with.
                    Sports on TV= good if you're with someone boring, bc you have something to think about while the other person is droning on.

                  2. Sad news, Dunn's Loft & Ocean 211 closed over the weekend, I walked by and saw a little note on the door confirming the 'closing' rumors. Though the note also indicated that soon we will soon be able to try out Robert Dunn’s family style Italian restaurant in Georgetown CT. Maybe Mr. Dunn can partner up with a local car service out there and get us Stamford residents a deal on car service to/from the new place!