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Best grilled calamari downtown?

I've got a craving for perfectly cooked calamari - any suggestions?

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  1. a lot of people swear Joso's is the best....

    202 Davenport Rd, Toronto, ON M5R1J2, CA

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    1. re: JamieK

      Then they haven't been to Imperia.

      1. re: JamieK

        I am one of the people who swear Joso's is the best.

        1. re: T Long

          I am sorry to disagree. Too much bready batter.

          1. re: cocolou

            funny, but one reason we liked it was the light use of batter...each to their own.

        2. I eat a lot of grilled calamari - and although I'm sure people will disagree - two of the places that I think make it the best are: Astoria (on the Danforth) and Grano (at Yonge & Davisville)

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            I also eat it a lot and have never had a 'rubber one' as yet at The Parthenon on the Danforth...also have it at that place on St. Clair just east of Dufferin..the name begins with M/ (yah.. the mind is slipping..cannot remember) but it is also good there (well, 3 times out of 4). I will only eat it 'grilled' ...just really like the simplicity of it with some lemon and not charred beyond recognition..........

            1. re: pearlD

              re above "PANTHEON"....now I knew that! but since others have also
              suggested I know it is the same place...the brain truly was not up to snuff today!!!

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              Grano - really??!! I've really enjoyed other things at Grano, but the second-worst calamari I've ever eaten was there. It was unbelievably bland. Maybe it was just an off-night...

            3. Again not grilled, but I heard that the fried version at Scaramouche Pasta Bar is the best in the city!!!

              1. OK, not downtown, but the best grilled squid I've had by a long shot is at Via Allegro.

                1. i dont remember if it was octopus or calamari, but i had it at Pangaea and it was incredibly tender and lovely with tomatoes, capers, lemon juice and olives.

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                    Agree! Pangea's calamari is still amongst the top two or three. Lots of copy cat though!

                  2. i really loved senhor antonio's.... it was perfection and i would have eaten it in multiples all evening if i knew it was that good before i ordered everything else as well.

                    1. Thank you everyone! I will carefully consider my options and report back with the delicious results!!

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                      1. re: fussychow

                        Pantheon squid is always fantastic!

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                          My ex-S.O. was a major fan of the grilled squid salad at Parthenon.
                          It's excellent, but I haven't eaten enough of it around town to know how it stacks up.

                          1. re: koknia

                            Where is Parthenon? Perhaps you are thinking of Pantheon?

                      2. Agree that Pantheon and Zee Grill have good versions.

                        Gatto Nero's version is great, too. It's one of the better things on their menu.

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                        1. re: phoenikia

                          I very strongly second Pantheon. Huge portion, incredible flavour and super tender! Now you're got me craving it...

                        2. I think Fieramosca deserves an honourable mention in the calamari category. Not sure if I would call it the best, but the well-seasoned grill has a huge impact on the overall pleasure of the dish.

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                            i am not a fan of chain restaurants but i do enjoy milestone's calamari with andouille sausage. thick meat, light batter, decent sausage sauce accompanied by capers.

                            1. re: exquisite

                              I'm with you 100% percent. The calamari at Milestones is truly exceptional!

                          2. I like the grilled calamari served in a herb/oliveoil/garlic sauce at Porquois Pas - yes it's a French resto on Sheppard just west of Yonge (south side) but a nice change from Greek style.